4 vividly revealing letters about Irish social and political arrangements at two crucial periods of the country's nationalist progress. In 1783 the Duke of Leinster complains to the Viceroy, Lord Temple, about unfair treatment of officers he was promoting, and the Viceroy replies with elegant indifference. In 1788 Viscount Clifden promotes to the same Viceroy a candidate he favours as Landwaiter in Waterford, and also promises venison. The Viceroy is again not to be moved. In 1800 the Colonel of the Royal Lancashire Volunteers gets a report from a recruiting officer, including information about some men's refusal to serve in Ireland. In 1887 a Scottish physicist, Stewart Balfour, resident in Navan, reports that a pedlar and charwoman, given a cottage by his aunt, has joined the National League and so will have to be evicted. Together with the autographs of Isaac Butt, Edward Carson and Lord Henry Cavendish

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ABBOTT, Rev. Edwin A

Original autograph letter to the Rev. John Walker, dated 30 Jan 86, and signed Edwin A Abbott. The letter, written on one side only, concerns Abbott's books for children

Rev. Edwin Abbott (1838-1926) was a writer, teacher, and theologian
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A'BECKETT, Gilbert A

Original 2 page autograph letter, signed `G A Beckett'

Gilbert A'Beckett (1811-1856) is best known for his `Comic History of England', and `Comic History of Rome'
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ADAMS John Couch

Original autograph letter from St John's College (Cambridge), dated May 7th 1847, signed `J C Adams'

John Couch Adams, FRS (1819-1892), astronomer and mathematician. He predicted the existence and position of the planet Neptune
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Original autograph signed `John Adams-Acton', removed from a letter

The Victorian artist and sculptor 1831-1910
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AIDE Hamilton

Original autograph letter to Lady Aberdeen, thanking her for an invitation, but declining, as he is staying with friends. Folded sheet, written on one side only, signed `Hamilton Aide'

Hamilton Aide [1826-1906), composer, writer, artist, man about town
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AIREY, General Sir Richard

Original autograph letter - `Horse Guards 23 March 1858 My dear Sir, I have presented with infinite satisfaction yr excellent letter to HRH the Duke of Cambridge. I shall be very glad if all yr valuable suggestions be carried out & I need not say how willingly I will contribute all aid in my powers.... Believe me always truly yrs Richard Airey'

Sir Richard (later General), 1803-1881, was Quartermaster-General of the British army. It was he who issued the fateful order for the Charge of the Light Brigade
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Original single-page autograph letter, signed `G Aitchison', dated 7 Dec. 1885

The architect's best known commission was the house and studio for Frederic Leighton
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Original autograph letter, signed `G Alexander', from Whitehall Yard, and dated 11th Sept. 1858. The forthright letter, probably to Dr Gourley, MP, argues for the proper employment of what he calls `the men of the warrior hordes'
single folded page. 230x180mm, written on 3 sides
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ALVA, Miguel

Original autograph letter, signed `Miguel Alva', dated 1832. The letter of introduction, in Spanish, is accompanied by an English translation

Written over 4 sheets of paper, 200x250mm
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ANDERSON, Alexander

Original autograph letter, signed `Alex. Anderson', on the letterhead of the University of Edinburgh, June 7/85. To Mrs Blackie: `George Eliot's biography has been delayed a little so that it will be about the end of this month before it is published. I have taken a note of your request, and will endeavor to lay aside the first copy that comes to hand ...'
single sheet, written on one sides 230x180, rear blank removed
Alexander Anderson (1845 - 1909) was a Scottish poet who started his working life as a platelayer on the Glasgow railway, and thus signed his poems `Surfaceman'. George Gilfillan, the critic, described him as `an unspoiled Burns'. He bacame Chief Librarian at the University of Edinburgh
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ANGUS, Joseph

Original autograph letter signed `Joseph Angus', dated 3d August 1869, Regents Park. To Dr Macaulay. Angus writes a referral for Dr Macaulay to J G Woodrow `He has some papers on Old Test history which seem likely to suit `Sunday at Home'
single sheet,260x205, written on 1 side, blank leaf detached
Rev. Dr Joseph Angus (1816-1902) was a Baptist minister and educationalist. From 1870 to 1888 he was part of a committee that produced a revised version of the New Testament
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APPERLEY Charles James

Original autograph note, signed `C. Apperley, Calais, July 2nd, 1835'. 12 lines about some proofs. 100x250mm

Charles Apperley (1777 - 1843), English sporstman and sporting writer better known as `Nimrod'. He wrote books and journal articles about horse races, hunt meets, and other sporting events
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Approximately 200 letters (including a few autographs only) providing a window onto British intellectual life in the 19th century. As might be expected from their Walker provenance, there is particular strength in letters to do with Scottish based activity. The main fields of interest represented are geology, botany, theology, serious journals, pamphlets, books, and political activity. Certain names recur, particularly as recipients of the letters. The main ones are John Stuart Blackie (1809 - 1895), Professor of Greek at Edinburgh, man of letters, nationalist and radical - (Walker's uncle): William Garden Blaikie (1820 - 1899), Scottish theologian, social reformer, temperance advocate, writer, and journal editor: William Carruthers ((1830-1922), keeper of the Botanical Department at the Natural History Museum and consulting botanist to the Royal Agricultural Society : and James Geikie (1839-1915), Scottish geologist and mineralogist

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ARCH Joseph

Original autograph, signed `Faithfully yours Joseph Arch'. 45x105mm

Joseph Arch, (1826-1912), radical Liberal politician, played a key role in what Karl Marx called the `Great Awakening' of the agricultural worker in 1872
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ARGYLL Duke of

Original 2 page autograph letter, signed `Argyll', and headed `Inveraray Oct. 13/60. I fear I can't just now undertake with any certainty to lecture at (?). I have nothing at all suitable prepared - and I have a good deal on hand just now - which renders it impossible to attend to it - but at some future time I hope I may be able'

The 8th Duke (1823-1900)
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ASHBURTON, Lady Harriet

Original autograph letter, signed ` H Ashburton', on stationery imprinted `16 Morary Place Edinburgh'. The letter, written on 3 sides, is to Professor Geikie

Harriet, Lady Ashburton (1805 - 1857), a great beauty, is best known for her correspondence with Thomas Carlyle
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ASHLEY, Evelyn

Original autograph note signed `Evelyn Ashley'. The note, written on behalf of Lord Palmerston, when Ashley was his Private Secretary, is headed `Downing St 21. Nov. 1862'

Evelyn Ashley (1837 - 1907), also wrote a biography of Palmerston. He was a Liberal politician in Gladstone's government
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Original autograph, `Yours truly Avebury' on a note written by another hand (his secretary?), from Kingsgate, Isle of Thanet, 1913

Either the 1st Baron Avebury (1834-1913), or the 2nd (1858-1929)
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Original autograph calling card, imprinted `University of Edinburgh MDCCCL-I Rhetoric and Belle-Lettres'. Signed `W Edmonstone Aytoun' on the front and back of the card, for Mr Andrew Armstrong, who `regularly attended my series of lectures, and performed the prescribed exercises in a highly creditable manner'

William Edmonstone Aytoun (1813 - 1865), Scottish poet and contributor to Blackwoods Magazine. He was Professor of Rhetoric and Belles-Lettres at the University of Edinburgh
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BAIN, Alexander

Original autograph letter signed `A Bain'. The letter, dated 15th Feb., but undated, is written in 1886, as it refers to the death of Principal Tulloch

Alexander Bain (1810 - 1903), was a Scottish philosopher and educationalist
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Original autograph letter, signed `Edward Baines', headed Headingly Lodge, Leeds, Nov.26, 1859. Baines writes to the Secretary of the Financial Reform Association, thanking him for the invitation to attend a Soiree, but declining. `Many of the public might naturally consider my presence as identifying me with all the principles of the Association; and therefore, although I agree with them to a great extent, as I explained, yet differing from them on one important point, I think it might be best that they excuse me.'

Edward Baines (1800-1890), editor and later proprietor of the Leeds `Mercury', was a prominent advocate of working-class adult education, and founder of the Yorkshire Mechanics' Institute. As Liberal MP for Leeds 1859 - 74, he was a supporter of the Abolition of Slavery, the Reform Bill of 1832, and the new poor laws
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BAKER, John Gilbert

Original autograph letter, signed `J. G. Baker'. Written from Kew Gardens, the letter concerns some ferns
Folded sheet, blank page removed
John Gilbert Baker (1834 - 1920), was an English botanist in charge of the Kew Herbarium. A fellow of the Royal Society, he was the author of various books on plants, including `The Flora of Mauritius and the Seychelles' (1877)
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BALFOUR, Hugh Alexander

Original autograph, signed `Balfour of Burleigh', on card

The 6th Lord Balfour of Burleigh (1849-1921), was a Scottish Unionist politician
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Original autograph letter, written by a secretary (?), but signed `James Ballantyne'. The letter is from Edinburgh, and dated 19th June, 1822, and concerns payment for paper supplied for the Novelist's Library by a Mr Cowan: `he agrees to furnish it for the future volumes, of the quality of the first volume (which is better than the three last) at 40/- per Scotch Ream...'

James Ballantyne (1772-1833), Scottish editor and publisher, particularly of the works of his friend Sir Walter Scott, and of the Novelist's Library, started in 1820
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Original autograph letter signed `A C Barclay', from Deanly. To Dr Gourley. Barclay says `Without pledging myself to support the details of your scheme I can assure you that I shall very readily support any well considered measure to promote Industrial employment and other means to occupy the leisure time of our soldiers'
single sheet, 225x175, written 2 sides, rear leaf detached
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BARLOW, Rear-Admiral Charles J

Original autograph letter, signed `C J Barlow', from the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, and dated 26 Jan 94. A chatty letter to Mr Dight, with news of various friends and their appointments to ships `...I shall be glad to get to sea as it means money'
single sheet (250x180mm), written on all four sides
Charles James Barlow (1848-1921). The letter is presumably to W S Dight of the Sydney Harbour Trust: `Ag is a first rate correspondent and keeps us up to date with all the news of Sydney. Tell her I really will write to her next mail'
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BASS Michael Thomas, Jnr.

Original autograph letter, signed `M T Bass', imprinted `Rangemore, Burton on Trent', and dated November 23rd, 1872. The letter, to W. Gourley, MP, states, inter alia, `my son entirely approves of your `Industrial Employment of Soldiers', and wishes to add his name to your list. I forward to you by today's post several copies of my speech on the Abolition of Debt...'
written on 2 sides of a single folded page 230x180mm
Under the direction of Michael Bass, Jnr.,(1799-1884), the family Brewery became the largest in the world. Bass was Liberal MP for Derby from 1847-1883, where he successfully legislated for the abolition of imprisionment of small debtors, to which the above letter presumably refers. A great philanthropist, Bass funded many public institutions in Derby
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BAYNE, Dr Peter

Original autograph letter, signed `Peter Bayne', dated 1879. The letter is addressed to Dr Blaikie and accompanies Bayne's book `Lessons from My Masters, Carlyle, Tennyson, & Ruskin'...`it will, I trust to some extent serve as my apology for not having yet sent you the paper on Hume & Huxley'
Single sheet folded (220x180mm), written on all four sides
Peter Bayne (1830-1896), was editor, the Dial, the Weekly Review and the Literary World
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BAYNES Professor Thomas Spencer

Original autograph letter, signed `Thos. S. Baynes', and dated 11 June, 1883. Written on one side of a folded sheet 220x180mm

Thomas Spencer Baynes (1823-1887), author, philosopher, educationalist. In 1873 he was appointed to superintend the 9th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica
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BAZLEY, Thomas

Original autograph letter dated 15 Sept. 1865, to P Rylands, Esq. (presumably a constituent). `The Lord Chancellor has at least replied to me in the spirit of courteous attention, and I have the pleasure of handing you enclosed his letter which you may retain...'
single sheet 100x150, written on one side
Sir Thomas Bazley was M. P. for Manchester
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BEDFORD, Duke of

Original autograph letter, written, presumably by a secretary, but signed `Bedford', from Woburn Abbey, November 21. 1890, to the painter Mr John Callcott Horsley, `...if you will name a day a little beforehand you will find Luncheon ready for you when you visit Woburn Abbey in these short dark days'
single sheet, unused section removed (110x180mm)
9th Duke of Bedford (1819-1891)
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BEECHER Henry Ward

Original autograph letter, signed `Henry Ward Beecher'. Written on printed stationey from Russell Square, London, Oct. 15, 1886, the letter is in reply to a request for a meeting in Belfast. `If any friends, whether Congregational or of any Christian Communion, desire to meet me, I shall be happy to receive them at a Breakfast. Nine oclock will be convenient for me, as I must take a noon train to Dublin...'
The letter is written on 2 sides of a folded sheet 250x210mm, and is somewhat foxed. Slight damage to leading edge corner, where the letter has been pinned or pasted
Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887), American Congregationalist clergyman, social reformer, and speaker. The brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe, he is best known for his support for the abolition of slavery, his emphasis on God's love, and his 1875 adultery trial
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BELL Thomas

Original autograph letter, signed `Thomas Bell', from 17 New Bond Street, Aug. 17, 1853. The letter is to D. W. Mitchell, and concerns an unspecified dispute between Mitchell and `Mr Gosse'
single sheet, folded (230x180mm), written on all 4 sides (the 4th contains Mr Mitchell's reply)
Thomas Bell (1792-1880), became Professor of Zoology at King's College London in 1836 and lectured on anatomy at Guy's Hospital . He became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1844. He was President of the Linnean Society in 1858. Bell was at the heart of the scientific establishment and when Charles Darwin returned to London from the Beagle expedition on 2 December 1836, Bell was entrusted with the specimens of Crustacea collected on the voyage. He played a significant part in the inception of Darwin's theory of natural selection in March 1837 when he confirmed that the giant Galápagos tortoises were native to the islands, not brought in by buccaneers for food as Darwin had thought. As President of the Linnean Society he chaired the meeting on 1 July 1858 at which Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace first published their theories on natural selection in the joint presentation of papers On the Tendency of Species to form Varieties; and on the Perpetuation of Varieties and Species by Natural Means of Selection. David William Mitchell was a zoologist and illustrator, whilst Philip Henry Gosse, the populariser of natural science, is perhaps best known as the despotic father in Edmund Gosse's `Father and Son' (1907)
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BERGNE, Sir John Henry Gibbs

Original autograph letter from 13 Pembroke Rd, Kensington, Apr. 20/04. `My dear Kennedy, If ever you have the opportunity to throw any of the crumbs from yr rich man's ? table in the way of a very nice and very capable young friend of mine - will you remember the name of W. R. Field....'
single sheet (250x180mm), folded, written on 3 sides
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Original autograph letter, signed `J. J.Bigsby' on black ruled paper, dated Nov. 4/72, extending a dinner invitation to Mr Carruthers
single sheet, folded (22x180cm)
John J Bigsby (1792-1881), physician & geologist
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BIRRELL, Augustine

Original autograph letter, signed `Augustine Birrell', from Lincoln's Inn, Sept. 29th, 1885. A four-page letter to `Dear Cousin Robert. You have I know heard of my audacity & I am glad to know you do not condemn me. I find it hard to get over my astonishment; but one must face facts although in Liverpool I always feel quite a boy. I mustn't forget I am 35. The first public meeting is to be next Monday Evening...I have asked the committee to remind you of it by sending you a ticket'
shingle sheet, folded, 220x180mm
Augustine Birrell (1850-1933), politician, barrister, and author, was later Chief Secretary for Ireland (at the time of the Easter Rising). Birrell was unsuccessful at this attempt at election in his home city of Liverpool in 1885; he was elected as a Liberal in 1889
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Original autograph letter, signed `John Blackie', from Oban (no date). He requests the return of `the American papers', which he wants to send to Professor Balfour
single sheet, folded (230x180mm), written on 3 sides
John Stuart Blackie, Professor of Greek at Edinburgh University; scholar & author (1809-1895)
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BLISS Philip

Original autograph letter, signed `Philip Bliss', from Brighton, dated April 2, 1856. The letter, to Mr Burne, acknowledging receipt of 1.1.0 for `the Pole whom we have now supported for many years'
single sheet, folded (220x180mm)
Philip Bliss (1787-1857), archivist, librarian, & book collector
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BONAR Rev Dr Horatius

Autograph letter, signed `Horatius Bonar', headed Greenock, Sept. 29, 1885. A moving and beautifully written letter of sympathy to a friend `my dear Elizabeth', on the death of her little girl
single sheet, folded, 210x180mm
Horatius Bonar (1808-1889), Scottish churchman, and author of many books, tracts, poems and hymns
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Original autograph letter, signed `G H Broughton', to `My dear Horsley' [John Callcott Horsley] `Take your own good time over the Rembrandt. The stronger the light, and the more searching the examination, the better it comes out' Dated Dec. 4th 1883, from West House, Camden Hill
single sheet, folded, but blank page removed
G H Boughton (1833 - 1905), was an Anglo-American painter. He became a Director in the Fine Art & General Insurance Company
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Original autograph letter, signed `A K H Boyd', from 7 Abbotsford Crescent St Andrews Fife, dated Wed. Nov. 21. The letter is to Dr Bonar, sending him a copy of Boyd's sermon, `wholly inspired by your exquisite `Thou art no child of the city'

A K H Boyd (1823-1899), was a minister in the Church of Scotland, and rector of St Andrews. His sermons were collected in the volume `Recreations of a Country Parson'
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Original autograph letter to Professor Blackie, on the letterhead of "the National Reformer" 16 May 1874. `Should you choose to write the columns of the NR would gladly afford publicity to any criticisms from your pen - When your book reaches me I will read it carefully. Yours respectfully, Bradlaugh'.
single sheet, written on one side only (130x210mm)
Charles Bradlaugh (1833-1891), political activist, atheist and freethinker. Founder of the National Secular Society in 1866, and editor of the secularist journal `The National Reformer'. He and his associate Annie Besant were prosecuted for blasphemy and sedition
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Original autograph letter, signed `D Brewster', on paper with the blind stamp of University of Edinburgh, dated June 1st, 1863, Melrose. The letter is to `My dear Mr Blaikie I would have written to you before this, but I have been detained in London longer than I expected. Mr Home the Spiritualist's Life has excited much interest in London. Long reviews of it have appeared in The Times and Morning Post, other journals, and I think a popular review of it might be made. It contains a bitter and relentless attack upon me, the nature of which you will see in the extract from the Morning Post which I attach, and which I will thank you to return. I possess a very curious collection of material on the subject. I hope you will try to get another article from ? ?. His last article has been of great use to the Review. It is repeatedly quoted in his reply to the two questions, and he writes me that he found a copy of the N.B. Review on Lord Palmerston's table at Brockett Hall, where his Lordship corrects the errors in the Edinbur. Review. I saw ? de ? in London. He talked of writing an article in next no. if he could find time - I believe, however, that he is obliged to go to Vienna for a few days on the subject of an Anglo-Austrian Bank, to which is ..... I am sorry to hear of your illness and of your proposing to resign the Editorship of the Review, which has flourished under your management.
single sheet, 250x180mm, written on all four sides
Sir David Brewster (1781-1868), physicist and mathematician. A leader in the field of optics, he is best known for his work on the kaleidoscope and the stereoscope. Daniel Dunglas Home, was a Scottish physical medium, with the reported ability to levitate, and to speak with the dead. William Garden Blaikie, clergyman, writer, and social reformer, was at this time editor of the North British Review
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Original autograph letter, signed `John Bright', from `Northdale, April 2, 64'. Letter to D Gourley, MD, is marked `private'. `I have your several letters and I have read your pamphlet. I agree also with what you say - but the question is one which I cannot undertake, and in which I could have no hope of success. The whole system is unnatural, and I am not sure that it would be possible, and indeed it would NOT, I suspect be possible, to make the changes you propose to the full extent. It should not be necessary to have so large a force here or elsewhere - & I know not why 70,000 Englishmen should be kept to garrison India. The whole thing is so large and extravagant that nobody dares to undertake the reforms which you suggest, & which would produce so great a revolution in the condition of the army. it would be impossible to allow the 70,000 in India to have wives and families with them - made comfortable at home, & in some sort citizens, they would find the soldiers' occupation more hateful than ever, & the scheme would break down. The mischiefs you have described are horrible. They cannot be thought of without a shudder, & yet I confess thaht I see no way to a remedy. I think many of them are inseparable from the system to which they are attached, & will only be got rid of in proportion as the system is itself abandoned. I cannot correspond with you on this ` ? question', for my letters are my great burden, & from day to day they threaten to overwhelm me. I regret very much to disappoint you, but I cannot promise to take any part in Parlt in any question connected with military matters'
single sheet, 220x180mm, written on all four sides. Folds splitting, else very good
John Bright, (1811-1889), British Liberal politician and radical statesman, stood for free trade, religious freedom, and was fiercely opposed to Britain's foreign policy. He was in Parliament from 1843 - 1889, loosing his seat briefly in 1857 because of his opposition to the Crimean War
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Original autograph letter, signed `Bristol'. The letter, to an unnamed correspondent, is dated Nov. 2 1890 on letterhead from 'Ickworth Bury St Edmonds'. 'I shall be pleased to give orders here that you and your friend are to be permitted to view the pictures here. There are no great number but some few good ones amongst them. You will be able to see the picture of Lord Hervey by Gainsborough the subject of a recent action brought against me by Lady Howard de Walden of which perhaps you have heard and which I am glad to say resulted in my favour'
single sheet, folded (220x180mm), written on 3 sides
Lord Bristol, 3rd Marquess of Bristol (1834-1907), discusses Gainsborough's portrait of Bristol's ancestor, Lord Hervey. Bristol created the famous Pompeian Room at Ickworth, whose designs are based on Roman wall paintings discovered in 1777
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BROUGH Robert, A R S A

Original autograph letter, signed `Robert Brough', on stationery imprinted `West Dean Park', undated. `So sorry I have no drawing to send you...'
single sheet, folded (350x230mm), written on one page
Robert Brough, Scottish painter, born 1872, and died in 1905, after a railway accident
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BROWN, Dr Thomas (1778-1820)

Original 4 page autograph letter, headed `St David's Street, Edinburgh, July 29th, 1806, to a Mrs Graham of Surrey. The letter is a lighthearted and chatty one, signed `Your grateful and affectionate friend Thomas Brown'

Brown, medical practitioner, philosopher and poet, was the author of several books on metaphysics, including `Sketches of a System of the Philosophy of the Mind' Part First:Comprehending the Physiology of the Mind' (1820)
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BROWN, Ford Maddox

Original autograph, signed `with pleasure, Yours, Ford Maddox Brown'

Ford Maddox Brown (1821-1893), Pre-Raphaelite painter, whose `Last of England' was inspired by Thomas Woolner's departure for Australia
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Original autograph letter, signed `J B', undated, from 23 Rutland St, Edingurgh

John Brown, Scottish physician and author (1810-1882). He is best known for his 3 volume collection Horae Subsecivae "Leisure Hours" (1858), including essays and papers on art, medical history and biography
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Original autograph note, signed `H A Bruce June 27 1870', apologising for being unable to accept an invitation
folded page (130x110mm), on letterhead of Secretary of State Home Department
Henry Bruce, 1st Baron Aberdare (1815-1895), was Home Secretary in Gladstone's government, 1868-1873
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Original autograph letter, 1812, signed `Buccleuch', to Bernard Barton, the Quaker poet (1784-1849), respecting the volume of poems to be published in May - I will take 10, and the Duchess 4 copies of the work'
single page, folded, blank neatly removed (190x230mm)
Charles Montagu-Scott, 4th Duke of Buccleugh (1772 - 1819)
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Original autograph letter, signed `J Buckingham', from 110 Pall Mall, but undated. `Dear Sir I am much obliged by your sending me a copy of the note written by me from Lincoln in September last which in the multiplicity of occupations in which I have been engaged during the nine months that have since elapsed I can hardly wonder that I should have forgotten, more especially as no date was fixed in it, for the delivery of any lecture, & no entry of it therefore made in my Engagement Book - from the impression that I should, of course, have some communication with you before any day was fixed - Even then, however, supposing your institution to have been in the same position as the other Metropolitan Societies - before which my lectures have been delivered. I should not have thought it right to give the lecture gratuitously as my time is all the fortune I can have, or am ever likely to possess:- Yet, as you state in your note that the infant nature of your institution will not allow of your offering renumeration to literary and scientific men for their labours - I shall on that ground most cheerfylly wave [sic] a claim, which under other circumstances I should feel it my duty to press: as even my time is not wholly my own but belongs to my family, for when I am bound in honour to lay it out as advantageously as I can - consistently with those public duties which I owe also to my constituents. If therefore, no subsequent arrangement has been made and you still desire that I should give a lecture at your Institute on Tuesday next at 9 o'clock as announced - I shall readily do so gratuitously as being apprised on your wish: & the subject I would select for the purpose is that which usually forms my Intrductory Lecture to the Descriptions of Countries: namely - `On the Pleasures and Advantages of Travel, in its Effects Upon Individuals and Nations - with Notices of some of the Principal Expeditions of Discovery in Ancient & Modern Times - and of some of the most Distinguished Individuals Engaged in them by Sea and Land'.
2 sheets, folded, written on six pages, (230x180)
James Silk Buckingham, author, journalist, traveller (1786-1855). He founded the Calcutta Journal in 1818, which was suppressed in 1823, as a result of its criticisms of the East India Company. Returning to England, he started the Oriental Herald & Colonial Review, and wrote many books about his travels in Europe, America, and the East
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Original autograph note to Dr McCaulay, on letterhead of the Salmon Fisheries Office, signed `Frank Buckland', `Thanks for Leisure Hour. Excuse me but I am very unwilling that my portrait should be published at all, & trust that you will be able to do without it'
single sheet, folded, unused rear leaf removed
Francis Buckland (1826-1880), surgeon, natural historian, and popular author. Dr James McCaulay was the editor of the `Leisure Hour'
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Original autograph note, signed `W. Buckland'
single sheet (200x125mm)
Rev. William Buckland, theologian and geologist, (1784-1856). Dean of Westminster Cathedral
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BUCKLE, George E

Original autograph letter, signed `George E Buckle', to Professor Blackie `I beg to enclose you a proof of your article on Goethe. I shall be obliged if you will kindly revise it and return it to me'. The letter is on the letterhead of The Times, Printing House Square, E. C., and dated 27. Feb. 1884
single page, 110x220mm, writen on one side
George Earle Buckle (1854-1935) became editor of The Times in 1884. John Stuart Blackie was a scholar & author ((1809-1895)
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BURGOYNE, Sir John Fox

Original autograph letter, dated 15 April 1869, and signed `J F Burgoyne', `...I forward by this post a copy of my little pamphlet, on points connected with the Military condition of the country...'
single sheet, folded, written on 3 sides (230x180mm)
Field Marshal Sir John Fox Burgoyne of the Royal Engineers (1782-1871). He was an expert on fortifications in the Crimean War, Gibralter, and the Dardanelles
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BURNS, James Drummond (1823-1864)

Original autograph letter, dated June 13, 1861, from Switzerland, and signed `James D Burns' `My dear Mr Matheson, I was glad to hear of the success of the congregational meeting & hope soon to have a copy of the report. All that evening I was picturing to myself the scene in the Lecture Hall & as you may imagine thinking much of all that had happened since the first meeting there not many months ago. It seems to me that I have been learning the last few months some lessons which but for the retirement & gloom of trial I cd not have learned, & I sometimes think that if ever permitted to resume my ministry, it wd have the stamp of this discipline impressed aupon it. I try to cast off over curious questionings & excusing thoughts about the future as much as I can, & leave the plan of life to be developed in God's good time & way - yet if a little strength were given I wd gladly spend it in that work which now in infinite wisdom appoints the very kind of chastening we need that every element of painfulness in it is weighed beforehand with a view to the glorious issue. As regards ourselves we have been fortunate in making the change from Montreux. Clarius is close on the lake but more open and fresh with no lack of shady walks and meadows for the children to run about in. In this house there are about 40 people most of them English, a pleasant & I am happy to say, Xtn society. We have a bible reading every evening in the room of an invalid lady, & it is well attended. Mr Jetter, an English clergyman who we knew at Mentone is here with his wife. He was for many years a missionary in India, afterwood at Smyrna, & thoroughly evangelical in his views. I feel decidely better since coming to Switzerland - the mountain air seems to have braced me a little already. Maggie joins me in affectionate remembrances to Mrs Matheson. Give my kind regards to John Matheson and all friends...'
single sheet, closely written on both sides (130x210mm)
James Drummond Burns (1823-1864) was a Scottish presbyterian minister and poet. The letter is written from a sanitorium in Switzerland, but Burns died soon after
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BURTON Richard Francis

Original autograph note, signed `R. F. Burton', on stationery printed `Anthropological Institute of Great Britain & Ireland, 4, St Martin's Place, W. C.' and dated Dec 19 1871, `To Dr Carruthers, British Museum, Specimens from Syria & Babylon, Rhubarb & [?, appears to be in Arabic]
single sheet, folded (120x180mm)
Captain Richard Burton (1821-1890), explorer, orientalist, author, writes to Dr Carruthers, Keeper of the Department of Botany, British Museum
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BUTLER, Lady (Elizabeth Thompson)

Original autograph note from Elizabeth, Lady Butler, to Mrs Horsley, thanking her for an invitation
single sheet, folded, unused leaf removed
Lady Butler was unusual among Victorian female painters in her choice of military subjects, especially depicting the Crimean War, and the Battle of Waterloo. Her most acclaimed painting was `The Roll Call', purchased by Queen Victoria
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BUTT, Isaac

Original autograph invitation, signed `Isaac Butt', on paper 110x120mm

Isaac Butt, Irish nationalist and M. P. (1813-1879)
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BUXTON, Thomas

Original autograph, signed `T F Buxton'

Thomas Buxton (1786-1845), brewer, M.P., abolitionist and social reformer. He was married to Hannah, the sister of Elizabeth Fry
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Autographed letter signed `James Cadenhead' to Stodart Walker, 23 Mar/02. Cadenhead express his gratitude for Walker's long-standing friendship, which stands in contrast to friends newly discovered, probably as a result of a Royal Scottish Academy election. He also reports on his family, including the news that `the measly ones are getting on nicely'
single page,230x180, written on two sides
James Cadenhead (1858-1927) was a Scottish painter. Archibald Stodart Walker (1869-1934) was a Scottish poet
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CAMERON, Sir Charles

Original autograph letter, signed `Charles Cameron' dated 26th June 1877. `I have received your letter of 21st inst. with accompanying petition which I shall have much pleasure in presenting. Had the Permissive bill been brought forward this session I should of course have supported it as before, but as you will have seen, Sir Wilfred Lawson has withdrawn it to facilitate the passing of the Irish Sunday Closing bill, a measure which I need hardly say I also cordially support'
single sheet, folded (230x180mm),, a few pin holes on 2nd page
Charles Cameron, M.P. for Glasgow, Liberal politician, supporter of Sir Wilfred Lawson's temperance campaigns, & of municipal franchise for women
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Original autograph letter, signed `T. Campbell'. `I shall be exceedingly happy to second your name when it is proposed for the Athenaeum, and to give it every support in my power - though I doubt if you do not exagerate my influence. Be so good as to let me know when you think you shall be proposed'
single sheet (360x210) folded. Rear fold forms the envelope which has been sealed with wax, causing a 1 inch tear in the paper when opened.
Thomas Campbell, Scottish poet (1777-1844)
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CARLYLE, John Aitken

Original autograph letter of 26 lines, dated June 20/56, and signed `J A Carlyle'. The letter is to Professor Blackie `I think of sending one of my little stepsons to Edin. University next winter. He is well up in mathematics, can read Livy and part of Horace, did once read a little of Xenophon & still knows the Greek grammar pretty well. I should like to have him attend your class, & perhaps between this time and November he will sufficiently prepare himself for doing so. Can you recommend any way of giving him a good chance of such participation in your northern Athens? I am uncertain whether you may have fled to Germany again for your birthday. My brother is well & Cheyne is but one mile from me. He is going to publish two volumes of his life of Fritz, & a stereotype edition of his other works. Have you heard of the vast uproar that our friend Bunsen's Zeichen der Zeit has raised in the German theological world? With kind respects to Mrs Blackie and also to the Hunters if you see them...'
single black-bordered sheet, 220x180mm, written on 3 sides
Dr John Aitken Carlyle (1801-1879), the brother of Thomas Carlyle, is best known for his translation of Dante
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CARSON, Edward

Original autograph, signed `Edward Carson'

Sir Edward Carson, later Lord Carson (1854-1935), Irish Unionist politician
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Original signature `F Cavendish'

Lord Cavendish (1836-1882), English Liberal politician. Appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland, but was assassinated hours after his arrival in Dublin (The Phoenix Park Murders)
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Original autograph letter, signed `A Cayley'
single page, folded (210x180mm), written on 3 sides
Professor Arthur Cayley was a British mathematician (1821-1895)
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Original autograph, `Austin Chamberlain' on small piece of paper imprinted `The Grand, Folkestone', and dated 15/2/13

Austen Chamberlain (1863 - 1937), British statesman, was the half-brother of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
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Original autograph letter dated Oct. 7 1885, signed `J Chamberlain'. `Dear Professor Blackie, I am greatly touched by your kindness, especially glad to have your book and autograph. I suppose we are in opposite camps, publically, but we are united by our common humanity, and as such, after our several fashions, to one great object - the elevation of the race. `Blood is thicker than water' as the American Captain said in the China Seas, and all differences disappear in presence of a great army of suffering that we may do something to mitigate'
single page 110x180mm
Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914), was a self-made British business man and politician. He was the father of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, and by a previous marriage, Austen Chamberlain
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Original autograph letter, signed `W. Chambers', from 13 Chester St, Edinburgh, April 8, 1879, to the Rev. J. Cameron Lees. Chambers accepts the offer from a friend of Lees of a font for St. Giles Church, and writes about other renovations and improvements in the church. He concludes `I may be able to send you a proof on my brochure tonight, which you can retain for private perusal until Monday, when I should be glad to have it back with any remarks'. Together some mss. sheets from Robert Chambers, and a covering letter, to J. Walker, Esq, signed `C Chambers for R Chambers', on the letterhead head of Chambers Journal, 339 High St Edinburgh, Feb. 4, 1886. `I send you some mss. of Dr R Chambers, but am sorry I cannot spare anything by W. Chambers. I have a large number of letters from Prof. Blackie, written from Aberdeen to R. Chambers, and a large quantity of R. C's letters are in all probability in his (the Professor's) hand
230x180mm, rear blank detached, written on 2 sides; 220x175mm, plus 6 mss. pages of geological notes
William & Robert Chambers (1800-1883;1802-1871), started the Edinburgh publishing house of W & R Chambers. Chambers Journal began in 1832. James Cameron Lees was a prominent Church of Scotland minister
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CHARLES Sir Arthur

Original autograph letter signed `Arthur Charles', dated Nov 24 1882

Sir Arthur Charles, Q. C., Dean of the Arches 1898-1903
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CHATTERTON Georgiana, Lady

Original autograph letter `Georgiana Lady Chatterton presents her compliments to Mr Banks & would be much obliged if he would tell her whether the book of Poems to which she and Mr H Dering sent contributions is likely to come out? Several of her friends have enquired about it when heard she and Mr Dering had sent one of their poems as they were anxious to get the book. Lady Chatterton will be glad also to take three copies of it'
single sheet, folded 230x180mm, written on 2 sides
Georgiana Lady Chatterton (1806-1876), was a great traveller and author of many books, including Rambles in the South of Ireland (1839) and The Pyrenees, with Excursions into Spain (1843). After the death of her Irish peer husband, she married Edward Heanage Dering (born 1827)
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Original autograph letter, signed `R Christison'. `Edinburgh 17 June 1873 Dear Dr Carruthers on my return on Saturday evening last from a week's idleness on the Berwickshire coast, I learned from Dr. Balfour that the Fossil Tree was not yet on its way from Craigleith to London. I therefore went out to the quarry last evening, and found that three-quarters of it have been taken down and are ready for removal, that the lowest fork remains to be separated, and that the men had found much greater difficulty in displacing it than they had anticipated. Farther, the place where the blocks of the fossil lie and its remaining portion stands `in situ', is so lumbered up with great cubicle blocks of standstone, weighing from two to five tons, and which must be first got out of the way for transport to the new Glasgow Docks, that the blocks of the fossil cannot be now removed from where they lie. But the foreman says he hopes to get the whole fossil on the railway in the course of next week. There has been unavoidably a good many fractures in bringing the different segments away from the rock. But they are all marked in number with white paint, to fix their relative places; and two enormous mains, more than four feet long each, four feet and a half in diameter, and substantially round, are quite entire, and themselves alone well worthy of preservation. The tree looks more stupendous in these detached mains than it did when unbroken in its bed: and to my eye it appears a not less interesting monument of antiquity than the Bulls of Nineveh and the first stone of the Ephesus column in your museum..'
single sheet, folded, 230x180mm, written on 2 sides
Sir Robert Christison (1797-1882). Scottish toxicologist and physician. He was president of the British Medical Association (1875), and appointed physician to Queen Victoria in 1848. Dr Carruthers was Keeper of the Depatment of Botany at the British Museum
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CLIFDEN, Viscount, & the Marquess of Buckingham

Original autograph letter signed `Clifden', from `Gowran 21st Septr 1788. My dear Lord, I have lately seen in the papers the death of a Landwaiter at Waterford. Will your Excellency pardon my reminding you of Mr Michael Lacey, whom I took the liberty to recommend to your Excellency for a similar employment I do assure your Excellency I would not press this matter to you if it was not of the utmost consequence to me in my County Interest, and particulary so at this juncture. I am convinced from the former marks I have received of your Excellency's kind disposition toward me, that you will gratify me in this request if you can.... we have taken the fellow who robbed the mail between Ross and Thomastown about four months ago, and I have little doubt shall convict him. I fancy your Excellency in your hurry of business has forgot to inform me when I shall have the honour of sending you some venison, and the season will be soon out.' On the last two pages is the reply from Dublin Castle ` D C 24th Septr 1788, My dear Lord, I had the honour of your Lp's letter on the subject of Mr Michael Lacey and you do me justice in believing how happy I feel in any opportunity of gratifying your wishes: but the Office of Landwaiter at Waterford was disposed of (a week before I had the honour of your letter) to a recommendation of D Tyrone who pressed it much upon me, and stated that it was of material consequence to him in his County Interest; it is therefore impossible for me upon this occasion to obey your Lp's command; but if you will allow me to ask the particular situation of Mr Lacey on the subject of his age, his Habits for Business, etc. I will endeavour to find out some mode of providing for him as soon as my engagements permit me. Though I was most sensible to your goodness in the offer of Gowran venison I did not wish to put you to the trouble of sending it, because I have found a method (since I had the honour of seeing you) of procuring my venison from Stowe, and I will therefore only beg leave once more to express my thanks upon the subject, and at the same time the very sincere regard and esteem with which I have the honour to be my dear Lord your Lp's very faithful and obedient servant N. B'
single sheet, folded (370x240mm)
Viscount Clifden of Gowran, in the County of Kilkenny, Irish peer (1735-1788), and George Nugent-Temple-Buckingham, 1st Marquess Buckingham (1753-1813). He was Lord Lieutenant of Ireland for the second time in 1787-1789. Stowe was his residence in Buckinghamshire
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CLIFFORD William Kingdon

Original autograph letter from Cambridge, but undated. Signed `W. K Clifford' The letter, to a Mr White, apologies for not appearing at an engagement in Exeter
single sheets, folded, 220x180mm
William Kington Clifford (1845-1879), was a mathematician and a philosopher
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CLODD, Edward

Original autograph, signed `Edw. Clodd'. Written on stationery imprinted `Savile Club, 107 Picadilly, W.' and dated 17 Feb/86. The letter is to the Rev. John Walker `Dear Sir I had the pleasure of meeting your uncle Prof. Blackie some time ago at Holman Hunts, and very much enjoyed his bracing conversation. Perhaps the enclosed fragment of MS. may serve the purpose you desire'. Offered with the page of manuscript, also signed `Edw. Clodd'

Edward Clodd (1840-1930), English banker, writer and anthropologist
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Original autograph letter to the publisher Robert Bowyer, signed `Robert Clutterbuck', undated `My dear Sir, I am glad that you received the buds safe and in good condition: it is my wish in the course of a day or two to send some to your father. It is my intention to direct them to Red Lion passage and I shall feel much obliged to you to forward them to him. I have been in Normandy the last two months, literally treading in Dr Duracels steps, and have returned much delighted with my tour: it is my intention to proceed as soon as I have set my study in order to write my second volume in which I have made so much progress that I think I shall have Licence difficulty in getting it out by the spring. In the meantime I will thank you to send me an accurate account of the sheets which are set up. Pray give my best wishes to Mrs Bowyer...'
single sheet 180x220mm
Robert Clutterbuck (1772-1831), English antiquary and writer of topographical books. Robert Bowyer (1758-1834), a successful miniature painter turned publisher of illustrated books. His two major endeavors were an illustrated Bible, and David Hume's History of England
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COBBE Frances Power

Original autograph letter signed `Francis Power Cobbe' from Hereford Square, South Kensington, Sept. 27, [1882]. `Dear Madam, will you allow me to ask your acceptance of a little book I have recently published...'
single sheet, folded (220x180mm), written on 3 sides
Frances Power Cobbe (1822-1904), Irish writer, social reformer and leading suffragette
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COBDEN, Richard

Original autograph signed `Richard Cobden', cut from a larger document

Richard Cobden (1804-1865), British manufacturer, social reformer, radical Liberal Statesman
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Original autograph `H Cockburn'

Henry Lord Cockburn (1779-1854), Scottish lawyer and author
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COLE, Vicat

Original autograph letter to John Callcott Horsley. Signed `Vicat Cole', on stationery with the blind stamp of the Arts Club, Hanover Square, and dated Dec.22, 1891. `I met our friend John Foster last night at the `Moray Mistrals', & he asked me why he is cut off from the P. View invitations which the R. A. had sent him for many years. I could not tell him why, but, ask you whether he could not get invitations from the Council, as formerly...'
single sheet, folded in 4, written on 2 pages
Cole was an English painter and a member of the Royal Academy
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Original autograph letter from Sussex Square, W, 3rd December, 1868, signed `J D Coleridge'. `Sir, if you had as many letters to send as I have & were engaged also in changing house so that no books or papers even are to be found when they are wanted perhaps you would have mitigated the servere censure you have thought fit to pass on me & have abstained from any odious imputations which I think were uncalled for. The fact was this - I wrote the first letter you refer to ? but the book was at hand & intending to have entered my name for L3 at the same time, & by the same post to have sent it to you. I was called away after writing my note to you and when I came back I could not find the book. I did not think it mattered and so the letter and its contents passed from my recollection. I was constantly on the move for some time & and when your request for the book came I hunted for it and at last found it. When I came to look at it I thought L3 would be a discouragement instead of the reverse & so forgetting that I had stated I had actually put my name down which I meant to have done contemporaeneously with my letter I wrote you the second letter. I now enclose you my cheque for L3 which I request you to enter as from A Friend...
single sheet, folded, (380x220mm), written on 2 sides. Old glue marks to last (blank) page
John Duke Coleridge (1820-1894), 1st Baron Coleridge, the great nephew of the poet, was a lawyer, judge and politician. He acted for the Tichborne family in the famous trial
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Original autograph letter, signed `Colquhoun', dated 24th March 1818. `Sir I had an impression on my mind that the engraving would not be completed sooner than the end of next month so as to be inserted in the magazine for May. This would have afforded me an opportunity of scarring (?) a proof of the engraving before the plate was washed off that such improvements may be suggested as might be found necessary. If therefore the delay of a month could be conceded without any inconvenience I should feel much grateful. If not I must make an effort to send you the ? by Sunday next. It will be larger than usual as the results of a long and laborious life devoted to objects of public utility... If in the meantime you could favour me with a proof of the engravings I should feel my self much obliged. I shall want above 20 of the proofs for my friends...'
single sheet 200x180mm
Patrick Colquhoun, magistrate and statistician (1745-1820). He founded the Thames River Police in 1798. He was Resident Minister & Consul General of the Hanseatic cities of Hamburg, Bremen, and Lubeck from 1808
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COOK Eliza

Original autograph letter, signed `E C' & dated May 10th/87. `You may be sure, my dear G S B, that nothing but utter immobility has hindered me from sending a something for your book, but I have been so entirely frustrated by most acute neuralgia that any brain application was forbidden. Ah! what a torture is this accursed neuralgia. I would not wish the serpent that bit me to have it for an hour. This is my sole and good excuse of my negligence in the cause you espouse. You know how willingly I would have sent something if I could. I have not even performed what I promised two months since for a couple of editors - but I cannot help it. I beg you will give my kindest words to `yours' - from the `ma' to the `small thing'. Goodbye - I am suffering from the tortures of the condemned so pardon my curt note...'
single sheet, folded, 230x180mm
Eliza Cook (1818-1889) was a popular author and poet
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COPE Arthur Stockdale

Original autograph letter signed `A Cope', dated July 22nd '90 `Dear Mr Horsley I'm afraid I shall not after all be able to join your festive party on Monday, as I had hoped. My wife is ill with bronchitis & both children & a small nephew, and I have such a crowd of things to do in the way of letters and business matters for my father and school accounts (awful!) before leaving town, that I'm afraid it is doubtful that I can come - but I will if I can & if not I shan't be much missed...'
single sheet, folded, 200x180mm, written on 3 sides
Arthur Stockdale Cope (1857-1940), was a highly successful English portrait painter. He also established an art school at South Kensington, where Vanessa Bell was one of his pupils
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COTTON, Charles Caleb

Autograph signature `Rev. Caleb Cotton', cut from a larger document

Rev. Charles Caleb Cotton (1780-1832), English cleric and writer
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Original autograph from 15 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, 30 Jan/86 to the Rev. John Walker. `I thank you sincerely for your friendly note. Those who do not always go with the mass of their party are liable to sharp criticism, and it is pleasant to receive a little sympathetic approval...' Signed `Leonard Courtney'
single page, folded (blank rear removed)
Hon. Leonard Courtney, 1st Baron Courtney of Penwith (1832-1918). Academic and man of letters, served in Gladstone's 2nd administration
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COUSIN, Anne Ross

Original autograph letter, signed `A R Cousins', and dated 2d Jany 1886, to the Rev. John Walker. A chatty letter in which Cousin accepts Walker's offer of some autographs. She also sends him some verse & `a piece I had printed some time ago'
single folded page. 205x160mm, written on 4 sides
Anne Ross Cousin (1824-1906) was a poet, musician and songwriter
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Original autograph `With pleasure! Yours very truly Frederic H Cowen 73 Hamilton Terrace Feb. 5. '86

English composer
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Original autograph letter signed `Cranbrook' to Mr Horsley, Dec. 7. 89, thanking him for his support

Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy (1814-1906), created Earl of Cranbrook. A conservative politician, he served as Home Secretary, Secretary of State for War, & Secretary of Sate for India
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CRESSWELL Sir Cresswell

Original autograph note, signed `C Cresswell' and dated Sept. 25 (1838). `I am on the point of leaving London, but of course letters will be forwarded to me if Vaughan makes any application to me. I shall have much pleasure in forwarding your name...'
single sheet, 180x150mm, written on one side
Sir Cresswell Cresswell (1794-1863). An English judge, lawyer & Tory politician, he was prominent in modern family law. He removed divorce from the domain of canon law
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CROFTS, Ernest

Original autograph letter, dated March 2nd 1891, signed `Ernest Crofts'. `Dear Mr Horsley I take the liberty of sending you another reminder of the dinner on Wednesday in the hope that it may induce you to be there, as I am taking as a guest, a mutual friend, Mr J G Walker who I know would dearly love to sit next to you'
single page 110x180mm
Ernest Crofts (1847 - 1911), painter of historical and military scenes. Member of the Royal Academy
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CUMMING, Constance F Gordon

Original autograph letter signed `Constance E. Gordon Cumming'. `Dear Mr McMurtrie, By all means use part II of `Ningpo' - and will you kindly, with the least possible delay, post Part I with my compliments to the Editor `The Quiver' La Belle Sauvage Yard, Ludgate Hill, London. E.C. in an unofficial wrapper...'
single sheet, folded, unused part removed
Cumming (1837-1924), was a travel writer and painter. She travelled extensively through Asia and the Pacific. `Ningpo' refers to her work `Gordon Ningpo and the Buddhist Temples', published in 1881
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CURRIE Lady, `Violet Fane'

Original autograph, dated Feby. 22nd 1886, signed "Violet Fane" `Dear Sir I would before now have replied to your flattering communication of the 12th inst. which was forwarded to me by Messrs. Hart & Blackett - my publishers, had it not happened that, at this moment, I am much pressed for time & have been forced in consequence to neglect many of my correspondents. As I am by nature rather more of a versifier than a prose writer, I enclose herewith four lines in rhyme - I fear that I must be a somewhat personal and egotistical poet, since this is about the only verse I can lay hands on which is of general application... "The years roll on, the seasons go their round/Hate is o'er passed, love plumes his fickle wings/Whilst safe within his plot of garden ground/Mourning the mutability of things/The Poet sings" "Violet Fane"
single page, folded (220x180mm), written on 3 sides
`Violet Fane', Lady Currie (1843-1905), novelist, essayist and poet. Travelled with her husband, Philip, later Baron Currie, who was Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire 1889-1893, then Ambassador to Rome 1898-1903
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Original autograph letter, dated 20th January, 1878, signed `John Curwen'. `Dear Dr Kennedy, You will be glad to know that, at last, the Lond. Ch. B. Soc. has lent us L500 on mortgage for a year to try the experiment. I earnestly hope you and Mr Pearse will act on the Committee. I was delighted to see dear Mrs Kennedy come into our meeting at Aldersgate Street. Arnold's paper was first-rate for everything - for substance - for illustrations - for elocution...'
single page 110x180mm
John Curwen (1816-1880). Inventor of the Tonic Sol-fa system of teaching to sing
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Original autograph letter, signed `R. W. Dale', to Rev. J Fordyce, Dec. 15, 88. `Mr Spicer was with me early in the week & told me that he had been commissioned to invite you. I am very glad that you are going. There is a great chance for a strong, firm man and ? ? for immmediate results. My conclusion was that what they want is, first of all, what we all want - men who know God in Christ for themselves and can bear their own testimony to the greatnes of the Christian redemption: next men in whom the intellect and conscience are ? into emphatic partnership with the spiritual purity. A strong and definite faith - strong and definite ethics are necessary for the ? life in the Church

Dr Robert William Dale, Nonconformist scholar and preacher in Birmingham, died in 1895. The Rev. John Fordyce did go out to Australia, where he became a leader of the Congregational Church
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Original autograph letter, signed `James D Dana', dated July 17th, 84 from New Haven, Conn. The letter is to Professor James Geikie `My dear Sir I learn with pleasure that you will visit this country for the Montreal meeting of the Association. I should be much gratified to see you in our New Haven, and show you what there is about us of Glacial interest. New Haven is only two and a half hours from New York. Although good for excursions, my head will not stand the excitements and labours of the Association meetings, and I shall be an absentee (as I have been, for the same reason, from the American Association for a number of years). I shall take pleasure in making myself a guide to any geological localities or regions that I have especially studied, and my invitation is to all geologists who may be interested in such excursions'
single page, folded, 220x180mm
Professor James Dana (1813-1895), American geologist, mineralogist, volcanologist & zoologist; Professor of Natural History and Geology, 1850
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Original autograph letter `Dear Mr Horsley' , and dated Sept. 30th/87, about a Gainsborough landscape held by the St. Quentin family in Yorkshire, and the possibility of lending it to the Royal Academy. Signed `H Davis'
single page, 220x180mm, written on all four sides
H W B Davis (1833 - 1914) was an English landscape and animal painter
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Original autograph letter, signed `J W Dawson', to W. Carruthers, March 14/73. `I have not received the paper on Pitutareites which you promised. perhaps it has miscarried. In that case if you will kindly give me a refernce to the journal etc in which it appears, I shall try to get it, as much to avail myself of it in describing our characteristic Lumen (?) Carboniferous Cineflex and its altres(?)...'

Sir John William Dawson 91820 - 1899) was a Canadian geologist
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Original autograph letter, signed `Derby', dated May 18/70, from St. James Square. A letter of support to Dr Gourley: `I quite agree in the desirableness of doing what you and your friends want done: the only question is, how to set about it'
single sheet, 230x180mm, folded, written one side, rear blank removed
Edward Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby (1826-1893), British Conservative politician and statesman
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A disparate group of 20 engaging and historically interesting letters to do with the reform of the British Army in the mid-nineteenth century. Most of the letters were written in the 1860s, and many of them are identifiably to Edward Temperley Gourley (1826-1922), a shipowner whose long career in politics focused on improving the interests of the seafaring and soldiering classes. According to a newspaper report after Gourley's death `he was probably the most persistent questioner in the House of Commons'. The letters highlight that the focus of the agitation was to improve the man in the ranks. Major General Tulloch, for example, wrote in 1858 that army life allowed a soldier to get into habits of idleness and that as a result his pension became insufficient on his retirement. He suggested the soldier learn to build his own barracks, make his own clothes and bread, raise a few vegetables. General William Williams argued in 1866 for `recreation clubs and regimental canteens ... whose attractions kept the soldiers from the gin shops and still worse rendezvous'. He envisaged a downward slide where `the British soldier ... ends his life on the scaffold for the murder of his officer whom he was sworn to defend'

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Original autograph letter to Westland Marston, Esq, and dated August 12th, from Edinburgh. A warm note of introduction for Professor Blackie, and an assurance `that his experience in London will go far to remove the erroneous Edinburgh impression that Scotch Authors of eminence are not appreciated in England'. Signed `Sydney Y Dobell'
single sheet, folded 9220x180mm), written on 3 sides
Sydney Dobell (1824-1874), was a poet and critic
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Original autograph letter, signed `Henry Drummond', dated Oct.29th, 1883, from `Central Africa, bewteen Lakes Nyassa and Tanganyika' to Professor James Geikie, replying to a letter from Geikie who had read one of Drummond's books and telling him `I am wandering, all alone, over the great plateau country between the great Lakes, with my hammer and vasculum... I have gone through some most malarious districts but have enjoyed almost uninterrupted health'
single sheet, folded, 250x200mm, written on 3 sides
Henry Drummond (1851-1897), Scottish naturalist, evangelist, writer and lecturer
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DUFF Rev. Alexander

Original autograph letter, signed `Alexander Duff', 5 Feby 1869, to a Miss Barnes. Duff thanks her for her `kind and satisfactory note', and promises to be at a proposed meeting
single sheet, 220x180, blank leaf removed
Rev. Alexander Duff (1806-1878) was the first overseas missionary of the Church of Scotland in India
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Original autograph letter, signed `Dundonald', dated 18 March 1852. To Henry Callen, Esq. An enthusiastic series of calculations about investing in pitch
single sheet folded 230x180mm, written all 4 sides
The 10th Earl Dundonald, 1st Marquess of Maranbao (1773-1860). Scottish flag officer and Scottish radical politician. He served with distinction in the Napoleonic Wars, but he was convicted of fraud on the Stock Exchange and dismissed from the Royal Navy in 1814
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EDWARD, Thomas

Original autograph letter, signed `Thomas Edward', from Banff, 30th Dec. 1878. The letter is to J H Goodlet, in Australia. Edward enthusiastically thanks Goodlet for the donation made to him through Samuel Smiles
single sheet, 220x180mm, written on 2 sides, rear blank removed
Thomas Edward (1814 - 1886) was a Scottish naturalist. John Hay Goodlet (1835-1914) was an Australian timber merchant and philanthropist of Scots descent. Samuel Smiles (1812-1894), Scottish writer and reformer, published a books on the life of Thomas Edward
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Original autograph letter, signed `Egerton of Tatton', from Tatton Park, Knutsford, April 11/91. The letter is to Benjamin Williams Leader, and in it Egerton tells Leader `I visited the spot where you made your drawings, and was much struck by the faithfulness of your picture to the character of the same.' He also asks Leader to `remind the authorities that on this occasion I should much like to be present at the Academy dinner'
200x150mm, rear blank removed
Wilbraham Egerton, first Earl Egerton (1832-1909) was a Conservative politician, and supporter of the arts. Benjamin Williams Leader, RA (1831-1923), was an English landscape painter
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Original letter, signed by a secretary, Dec.15. 1800. To Sir William Beechey. `Lord Ellenborough presents his compliments to Sir Wm Beechey & is much obliged to him for his communication repecting Dr Paley's picture - but, as the picture is the property of the Bishop of Elphin, Lord E's brother, he delays his consent to the putting on the varnish (which he dares say is necessary to the true preservation of the picture, as Sir Wm Beechey represents) only till he has heard from the Bishop, to whom he has written in Ireland, by this day's post'
single page, 380x230, blank removed
Baron Ellenborough (1750-1818) was Chief Justice of England. Sir William Beechey (1753-1839) was a portrait painter
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Original handwritten letter, signed by a secretary, G Hexham (?), on Sept.29/62. `Lord Ellenborough, not having any of the printed accommendations is obliged to write to recommend William North, aged 24, as an In-Patient of the General Hospital, having a bad wound on his leg, the result of an accident'. He asks for the printed forms, and promises to send `one to the hospital properly filled up'
single page, 240x 190, written on 3 pages
Lord Ellenborough (1790-1871), 1st Earl, was a Tory politician, and Governor General of India
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FAED, Thomas

Original autograph letter signed `Thomas Faed', 15 Dec. 1890 to J C Horsley. Faed wishes Horsley would call on Mrs Lister `and see her Old Masters. She has a great history with them all'
single page, 230x180, blank leaf detached
Thomas Faed (1829-1900) was an English Painter
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Original autograph letter, signed `B Farquharson', on House of Commons letterhead. Farquharson asks Horsley to `have some lunch with me at the Reform Club on Saturday, at 2 o'clock. I should very much like a lttle talk with you'
single sheet, 240x190mm, written 2 sides, blank leaf removed
Robert Farquharson (1837-1918) was a Scottish doctor and Liberal politician
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FARRAR, Archdeacon

Original autograph letter, signed `FW Farrar' to J C Horsley. Farrar tells Horsley what days and times he will be preaching at the Abbey
single page, 220x170, blank leaf removed
Frederic William Farrar ((1831-19903) was a cleric and author, Achdeacon of Westminster Abbey, and the Dean of Canterbury
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Original autograph letter to F. Creasy, signed `John Forster' from Palace-Gate House, Kensington, 18th April 1872. A letter welcoming Creasy on his safe return with the `hope that you have accomplished all for which you went away' and Forster's regrets for not seeing him `but my head was so bad that I could not raise it from where I was lying'.
single sheet, folded, written on 3 pages (200x160mm)
John Forster (1812-1876), was the friend and first biographer of Dickens
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Original autograph letter, signed `Edward A Freeman' from Oxford, 1886. Freeman tell his unnamed correspondent that he should have sent his paper to someone more versed in 17th century writing, but, Freeman says, signatories c.1606 `commonly signed their Christian names. The new fashion of leaving it out got established in the course of the century`. He adds `I saw Mr Blackie at Edinburgh a few weeks back and he seemed as lively as usual'
single page, 260x205, written on 2 pages
Edward Augustus Freeman (1823-1892) was Regus Professor of Modern History at Oxford, where he tutored Arthur Evans
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GARDINER, Samuel Rawson

Original autograph letter, dated Janry 28 1886, from Bromley, Kent to an unknown recepient verifying the signature of the first Earl of Dorset (15th century) on a petition by Abraham Jacob, provider of wine to the King's household. Jacob is demanding repayment of the impost `because wine for the King's household was custom free. He also wants the openess of carriage'. Signed `Samuel R Gardiner'
single sheet, folded (220x180mm) written on 3 pages
Samuel Rawson Gardiner (1829-1902) was a major historian of the Puritan Revolution
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Original autograph letter, signed `R Garnett'. The letter is from Hampstead, Nov. 7 1902, to an unnamed editor, concerning a poem submitted `substituting `young spouse' for `damsel' upon the reflection that `damsel' is only applicable to a young unmarried woman'. Enclosed is a small sheet with 4 lines of poetry signed by Garnett
single sheet, folded (220x180mm) written on 2 sides
Richard Garnett (1835-1906) scholar, librarian, biographer and poet
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GEERTS Charles

Original autograph letter, in French, to Monsieur J B Weenineke, about a commission from the King of Holland for a sculpture of the massacre of the innocents. Signed `C H Geerts', 22 Juin 1843
single sheet (270x200) folded, written on 2 pages
Charles Geerts (1807-1855)) was a Belgian sculptor
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Original autograph letter, signed `James Geikie'. The letter is to the Rev. John Walker, from Edinburgh, dated 28th Jan. 86. `My dear Sir... I also regret that I did not see you again before you left Auld Reckie. I am afraid my chances of ever seeing Australia are very small. But one never can tell - so perhaps I may yet have the pleasure of supping kangaroo soup with you. `No! I had not heard of my cousin's marriage.I thought when he was here that he was very attentive to an Australian widow who was just going home. Perhaps this is the lady... Well, there are no fools like old fools. I must say I have a prejudice against second marriages - and this is his third.' The rest of the letter talks about the autographs that Geikie has been collecting for Walker. Included is a 13 stanza poem `To my Alma Mater on the completion of her 300th year', attributed to `James Geikie
single sheet, folded, written on 3 sides, 230x180mm
Dr James Geikie (1839-1815), Scottish geologist and mineralogist
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GEIKIE, Sir Archibald

Original autograph letter, signed `Arch Geikie', regretting his absence in Berlin precludes him meeting the addressee. Written on the letterhead of the Director General of the Geological Survey, London
single sheet, folded, rear leaf removed
Sir Archibald Geikie (1835-1924), Scottish geologist
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Original autograph letter, signed `John Gilbert', undated. To Rev. John Walker, the letter concerns the ownership history of Gilbert's painting, `The Field of the Cloth of Gold'
single sheet (170x120), folded (rear leaf removed), written on 2 pages
John Gilbert (1817-1897), was an English artist
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Original autograph letter, signed `George Gilfillan', from Dundee 1848. A wonderfully lively letter leaping over several topics - the blackguardism of editors, the superiority of Isaiah, Moses, and Paul to Goethe, Coleridge, & Emerson, his own writing, and a paen to Beverley Minster, `then they built to God, in Genius and Stone - now generally in snuff, and starch and stupidity'.
single sheet, folded, closely written on all four sides, 230x180
George Gilfillan (1813 -1878), Scottish writer, critic, editor, poet and lecturer
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GODET, Frederic Louis

Original autograph letter, signed `F Godet', dated Neuchatel June 9th, 1877, to `Dear and honoured Brother!'. The letter concerns a visit to Edinburgh with Philip Schaff (1819-1893) to present papers under the title `What must be the central point of the profession of faith of the Presbyterian Churches in the XIXth century''
270x210 single sheet, folded, written on 3 sides
Both Godet and Schaff were Swiss Protestant theologians
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GORDON Elizabeth, Duchess of

Original autograph letter, signed `E Gordon', to `My dear Mrs Moody(?)', accepting with gratitude the recommendation of John More, a servant for her employ. `Brother Ford will be able to train him during the 3 months more of quiet we hope to have... I am so happy to think of having a really Christian man servant, and trust the other will soon become so'
single page, written on 3 sides, substantial tear without loss on one page (200x150mm)
Elizabeth, wife of 5th Duke (1794-1864) prominent member of the Free Church of Scotland
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GOSSE Philip Henry

Original autograph letter, signed `P H Gosse' from Weymouth, July 26, 1853. A polite, but long and cogent letter, disputing the renumeration the Zoological Society has sent him for his supply of specimens of marine animals and plants, complete with detailed numbers and costs
2 pages, folded closely written on 6 sides, (380x230mm), and an Invoice (110x180mm) to the Zoological Society of the same date
Philip Henry Gosse, the populariser of natural science, is perhaps best known as the despotic father in Edmund Gosse's `Father and Son' (1907)
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Original autograph letter, signed `Peter Graham', 2d Dec. 1891. Graham asks John Calcott Horsley if he could exhibit some `portraits by Hopner' for a lady from Gerard's Cross - `She is very anxious to have them exhibited before sending them to Christie's which she is compelled to do'
black bordered sheet, 95x150mm, written both sides
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Original autograph letter, signed `A Gray', from Cambridge, Mass. April 15, 1872. A letter to Dr Carruthers, telling him he has consigned `a stout package' of botanical specimens, for which he is owed $53
single sheet, folded, written on 2 sides (210x180mm)
Asa Gray (1810-1888), Professor of Botany at Harvard
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GREEN Charles

Original autograph letter, signed `C Green', Feb. 20/91, to J.C. Horsley. `I have signed the paper for the "Turner Fund" as you wish but feel unable to write a letter expressing my opinion of Mulready's talent as an artist, as I do not know his work at all - in fact I have never seen the man ...'
220x180, written one side only, blank leaf removed
Charles Green (1840-1898) was an English painter and illustrator
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Original autograph letter signed `Dora Greenwell', from Durham to Professor Blaikie, discussing the publication of some papers on Sir John Richardson, the arctic explorer, in his magazine
single sheet, folded, written on 3 sides, 175x130mm
Dora Greenwell (1821-1882), English poet and writer
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GREY, Earl

Original autograph letter, signed `Grey', dated March 25/67. A letter to Dr Gourley, expressing strong agreement with Gourley's views on the need to reform the system of the army, and the strenuous resistance to it by the military authorities
single sheet, 230x180mm, folded, written 3 sides
Earl Grey (1802-1894), was Secretary for War & the Colonies, and a supporter of Edward Gibbon Wakefield's ideas of emigration.
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GROVE Sir George

2 original autograph letters, each signed `G Grove'. The first from the Royal College of Music, `Dear Horsley, Can you tell me if your brother Charles' music to Comus was ever published. We often played the "March of Comus and his rabble rout" at the C. Palace..?' The other headed Macmillan & Co., Feb. 24 to an unknown correspondent asking him to shorten his article `the next no. of the magazine is my last, and I have to stuff into it several papers that have been standing for some time'. And he critically discusses his current reading of `The Lover and his Lass'
single sheets, 115x180; 250x200
Sir George Grove (1820 1900), is best remembered as the founding editor of Groves Dictionery of Music (1889). His early career was as a civil engineer. He became Secretary of the Society of Arts in 1851, and then at the Chrystal Palace. In 1873 he joined Macmillan & Co, and edited their magazine. In 1883 he became the first director of the Royal College of Music. The second letter is possible to his friend Arthur Sullivan
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GULLY, James Manly

Original autograph letter, signed `J M Gully', dated June 4th, 53. A letter to a prospective patient discussing fees and the potential usefulness of his treatment
single sheet, written 2 sides, 110x180mm
James Manby Gully (1808 to 1883), a Victorian medical doctor who practised hyderotherapy, or the `water cure'. With Dr James Wilson, he opened a centre for this treatment at Malvern
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Typed letter signed `R B Haldane' on War Office Letterhead, 12th. October 1906, to the Rev. John Walker. `I am glad that you appreciate my desire to do as much as I can to further the religious life of the soldier. I remember your uncle very vividly ...'
single sheet, 380x230, blank leaf removed
Richard Burdon Haldane, 1st Viscount Haldane (1856-1928) was a lawyer, a philosopher, and a Labour politician. He was twice Lord Chancellor of England
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HAMERTON Philip Gilbert

Original autograph letter, signed `P G Hamerton' to the Rev. John Walker, from France, Jan 29th 1886. Largely wishing Walker well on his `voyage back to Austalia which we now more than ever look upon as a part of Greater Britain'
120x160mm, written 2 sides
Philip Gilbert Hamerton (1834-1894) art critic
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HARRISON, Frederic

Original autograph letter, signed `Frederic Harrison' to Professor Blackie. `I have asked Professor Kolevski of Moscow who represented his University at your Centenary, Dr Fitzpatrick & one or two friends to dine here with us... It would be a great pleasure to us, if, you were able to join our party. I do not know if Russian be amongst your accomplishments; but Kolevski is master of English & the other European languages'
single sheet, 200x150mm, rear blank removed
Either Frederic Harrison Snr ((1799-1881), a stockbroker, or Jnr. (1831-1923), an historian
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HARTINGTON, Spencer Compton Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire

Original autograph letter, signed `Hartington', on writing paper blind stamped `Chatsworth, Chesterfield, and dated Nov. 10/77. To an unnamed correspondent, thanking him for his letter `including some proof sheets of your forthcoming memoirs. I am extremely grateful to you for your kind expression towards myself and can assure you that it will give me much pleasure to accept a copy of your work when it is published'

Spencer Compton Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire (1833-1908)
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HAYTER, Arthur

Original autograph letter, signed `Arthur D Hayter', April 27th/68. Hayter asks an unnamed correspondent that his name be added to the list of Vice Presidents of the Association for the Industrial Employment of Soldiers...`The system of employing soldiers in industrial occupations inaugurated by Lord Strathnairn in India, might I am convinced, be extended with advantage to every part of the British Empire, where the troops are not engaged upon active service in the field. I shall be happy at any time to present partitions on the subject to Parliament'
single sheet, 220x180mm, written on 2 sides, rear blank removed
Arthur Hayter, 1st Baron Haversham (1835-1917) was a British Liberal politician. He was Financial Secretary to the War Office under Gladstone
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HAYWARD, Abraham

Original autograph letter, signed `A Hayward', dated Oct. 4th, from the Athenaeum Club. To Mrs Oliphant, promising contributions to 'your series', telling her he has read her Dante `with much interest and edification', and he is now concentating on her translation of Goethe
single sheet, folded, 220x180mm, written on 3 sides
Abraham Hayward, lawyer and man of letters
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Original autograph letter, signed `Francis Geo Heath' from Kew Gardens, March 13, 86, to Rev. John Walker, regretting that he has missed him, and sending him a bit of `ms'... `in my second number for March of `Illustrations', there is an article `Advance Australia, that will, I think, interest you'
single sheet, 260x200, written on 2 pages, the 2 last pages being a flyer for `Illustrations'
Francis George Heath, author and editor of `Illustrations'. Also included is a page of instruction to a binder for binding up Heath's copies of Cobbett's Register
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HOBHOUSE, Sir Benjamin

Original autograph letter, signed `Benj. Hobhouse', dated Whitton, July 21, 1823. To John Fontblanque, concerning Fontblanque's request for copies of letters he had sent to Lord Bexley. Hobhouse lists what he can say on behalf of Fontblanque `but having gone thus far I can go no farther. If I were sufficiently intimate with Lord Bexley to solicit.... I should certainly try to obtain a living from him...for my son-in-law who is only a country curate.'
single sheet, folded, written on 3 sides, 220x180mm
Sir Benjamin Hobhouse (1758-1831), baronet and politician
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Original autograph letter, signed `J S Hodgson', from Amersham, to John Calcott Horsley. Hodgson exhorts Horsley to contact Arthur Blake at Danesbury to see his collection. `The drawing room is all hung with large important drawings of the early men - there is a very fine De Wint - much finer than anything in the Henderson collection in the National Gallery... mind you go'
single sheet, 230x180mm, written 2 sides, blank leaf removed
Peter de Wint (1784-1849) was an English landscape painter of Dutch descent
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HOLL Frank

Original autograph letter, signed `Frank Holl', Mar. 13. 1884, to J. C. Horsley. Holl regrets that he forgot to send his `annual contribution towards the hospital...'
single sheet, 230x175, blank leaf removed
Frank Holl (1845-188O) was an English painter
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Original autograph letter, signed `J C Horsley', from Kensington, dated Jan. 20th/86. To an unknown correspondent, but probably Rev. John Walker, expressing gratitute for his correspondent's support for his religious work, and fiercely regretting he has had `no word of sympathy or approval from any occupant of the Episcopal Bench! I had a warm letter from Mr Gladstone and some of the present cabinet'
single sheet, folded, written on 4 sides, 230x180mm
John Callcott Horsley (1817-1903), English painter and illustrator. He designed the first ever Christmas card, commissioned by Henry Cole (the director of the South Kensington Museum). It caused some controversy because it depicted a small child drinking wine. He also designed the Horsley envelope, a pre-paid envelope that was the precursor to the postage stamp. Horsley was Rector and Treasurer of the Royal Academy
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Original 6 line musical score, annotated `Sent me by his son, John Callcott Horsley, R. A., John Walker, 8th Feb. 1886'
single sheet 250x140, written on one side
William Horsley (1774-1857), was an English musician who published five books of glees
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HUNT, Thornton

Original autograph letter, signed `Thornton Hunt', from Euston Square, Oct. 5, 1868. The letter is to James R Jaffery, giving thanks for `support in our cause', and mentions others involved in the `cause' - Mr Edward Levy, and Mr Hornby
single sheet, written on 3 sides, 230x180mm
Thornton Hunt (1810-1873), editor, writer and son of Leigh Hunt
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Original autograph letter, signed `Colin Hunter', 16th Dec. '91. Hunter informs Horsley of the imminent arrival of some `pictures of Mrs Dunnett... that you may have an opportunity of seeing them'. He adds that `Mrs Dunnett is a sister of Lady Currie's'
single sheet, 195x150mm, written 3 sides
Colin Hunter (1841-1904) was a Scottish painter. Lady Currie was the novelist `Violet Fane'
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HUNTER, Joseph

Original autograph letter, signed `Joseph Hunter', June 27th, 1837, from Torrington Square. To C. G. Young, Esq., College of Arms. A long, detailed letter that opens `It is perhaps the safer and best course to let the world and every body in it go on their own way without attempting to set them right, however manifestly they may be going wrong'. The rest of the letter is an argument against placing first in a projected volume of Tudor letters, one to do with the Stradling family.
single sheet, folded, 370x220mm, written on 2 sides
Joseph Hunter (1783-1861). Antiquarian, Unitarian Minister, Keeper of Public Records, and writer. Sir Charles Young (1795-1869) served as Garter King of Arms, the senior member of the College of Arms
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Original autograph letter, signed `T. G. Jackson' from The Strand, July 28, 1890. An invitation to John Callcott Horsley and his wife to dine, and enclosing a cheque for 300 pounds worth of shares in Horsley's Fine Art Insurance, and ends with a note `I stay tomorrow night at Sir Henry Fludger's in Rutland & will have another good look at his Sir Joshua'
single sheet, 250x200, writen on 2 sides
Thomas Graham Jackson (1834-1924), distinguished architect
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JERROLD, William Blanchard

Original autograph letter, signed `Blanchard Jerrold', to an unknown correspondent, asking him to promote in Liverpool his `new paper The Knife and Fork'. In particular `If I could get one or two of the leading newsagents, to be my local agents, & take it - it would be a good move.' The letter continues `I am going in for a great social reform - that is reform-cooking in the kitchen... perhaps you could give me an article or two on the victualling of the army. In the French army, every soldier can cook'. The letter is dated `July 7th. 72' from St John's Wood
single sheet, folded, written on 2 sides, 220x180mm
William Blanchard Jerrold (1826-1884). English journalist, playwright & author
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JONES-LOYD, Samuel, Baron Overstone

Original autograph letter, signed `Overstone' to a J. Russell, Esq. from Overstone, Northampton, 19 August, 1859. The letter corrects a wrong impression of himself - `The bankruptcy Laws have never been the subject of peculiar attention on my part. Of the unsatisfactory character of their provisions in many respects, I have been fully conscious - but this feeling has induced a careful endeavour to avoid any conversation with Bankruptcy Officers rather than a disposition to study with care the defects of the law with a view to the appropriate remedy.'
single sheet, 220x180mm (blank leaf removed)
Samuel Jones-Loyd (1796-1883), 1st Baron Overstone, British banker and politician
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KNIGHT, John Buxton

Original autograph letter, signed `J Buxton Knight' to John Callcott Horsley, dated July 21st, 90. Written from Knaresborough, the letter replies to a request of Horsley's to put in a word for his architect son and asking Horsley to find a seconder for his application to th Royal Academy
single sheet, 230x180mm, written on 3 sides
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KNOWLES, James Sheridan

Original autograph letter, signed `J S Knowles', from Bath, 20th April, 1824. A curious double letter,Knowles tells `My dear Kennett I can come to the Mayfield to open on the 26th May - if that is on a Monday - and play for the week'. On the reverse side there is an address to `S. Mayfield, Esq., Theatre, Portsmouth', and a discussion around the margins over how many benefit performances have been agreed on. Kennett would appar to have been an agent for Knowles, and to have sent the letter on to Knowles
single sheet, 185x230mm, written on both sides, about 25mm square missing, but without loss of text
James Sheridan Knowles (1784-1862) was an actor, dramatist, and theatrical entrepreneur
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LANG, Andrew

Original autograph letter, signed `A Lang', from 1 Marloes Road, Nov. 8, The letter is to Lloyd Osborne, `I have a bowie knife, (old school) which I would like to send to R. L. S. but it has no sheath, and I leave on Monday, and don't know how to get a sheath. If you are staying some time in town you might perhaps find an artificer in sheaths, and bid him send his little bill to me?
single sheet, 220x175mm, black bordered, written on 2 sides
Andrew Lang, the Scottish writer (1844-1912). Lloyd Osborne was the stepson of Robert Louis Stevenson
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Original autograph letter, signed `E. Ray Lankester' from Napoli. The letter is to Dr Carruthers asking for `a note of introduction to Mr Biscarlett - the Scotch clergyman here... I know no English-speaking people here and should be very glad to be put in the way of sometimes seeing some.' He adds that he has lots of material there for his work in embryology, but that it `takes long time & labour as you know, to effect anything definite.'
single sheet, 210x133mm, written on 2 sides
E. Ray Lankester (1847-1929) was a British zoologist and biologist
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A large collection of 19th century British letters acquired by an Australian/Scottish autograph collector, the Rev. John Walker (1855-1941)

John Walker, born in Cheshire of Scottish parents, migrated to Australia in 1876. Ordained in 1882, he rose to become Moderator General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. A chaplain during World War I, his five sons also served in the AIF, and three were killed in action. Walker's entry in the ADB describes him as `a philatelist'. He was also an inveterate collector of autographs, particularly those of British personalities. A large proportion of his autographs were, luckily, obtained with preceding letters attached and intact. Walker boldly approached people, and had friends and acquaintances acting as virtual agents for him. His strongest points of contact appear to have been Edinburgh, and the Royal Academy in London. As a result his collection makes up a showcase of much of British, and especially Scottish, intellectual intercourse from the 1840s to the 1890s. Most of the letters are not lengthy, but as a group they give a strong sense of the day to day business and ferment of 19th century intellectual life - accepting and declining invitations, sharing and commenting on publications, looking at pictures and exhibitions, canvasing parliamentarians, seeking patronage, giving and attending lectures, analysing botanical and geological specimens, going on holidays and rest cures, publishing articles and books. The letters also give a strong sense of the point of reference and conduit roles played by various academic and intellectual individuals in the wider life of the nation. A complete catalogue of the individual letters can be sent on request
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Original autograph letter, signed `Leinster', headed Dublin, April 12th, 1783. An irate appeal to the Viceroy of Ireland (George Nugent-Temple-Grenville, later the Marquess of Buckingham] on behalf of various young officers. Leinster argues that their promotions have been unfairly rejected by the Viceroy. The letter shows a strong note of self-pity - `I am so used to have difficulties where myself or friends are concerned'. On the same sheet is a signed reply from the Viceroy, rejecting any notion of unfairness `the shortness of my stay may prevent my obeying your Grace's commands, but I always am, My dear Lord, with the greatest truth and regard... N.T., D. C. April 13, 1783'
single sheet, folded, 380x235mm, written on 4 sides
William FitzGerald, 2nd Duke of Leinster (1749-1804), was the premier Earl of Ireland. George Nugent-Temple-Grenville, Lord Temple, later Marquess of Buckingham (1753-1813) was twice Viceroy of Ireland, first in 1782, and then in 1787
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LEVI, Leone

Original autograph letter, signed `Leone Levi' to Dr Blaikie, from The Temple London, 14 October, 1878. The letter concerns various uniform plans for the Presbyterian Church in the UK. He refers to a new magazine of Blaikie's - `I fear it will not be in my power to contribute to it, nor do I quite like the title the Catholic Presbyterian. If it is to circulate on the Continent of Europe, we should bear in mind that whatever its real meaning, the accepted meaning of Catholic is Roman Catholic.'
single sheet, folded, 227x175mm, written on 2 sides
Leone Levi (1821-1888), English jurist and statistician
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LINTON, Sir James

Original autograph of Sir James Linton, artist

James Linton (1840-1916) was President of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours
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LISTER, Samuel, Baron Masham

Original autograph letter on writing paper with `Swinton, Masham, Yorkshire', raised in blind. Dated Nov.7th,91, the letter reads `Sir, you are quite welcome to see my collection on either Monday or Tuesday. If you will let me know by what train you propose to come, I will send and meet you...'

Samuel Lister, Baron Masham of Swinton (1815-1906), was an industrialist and inventor. He is best known as the inventor of the Lister Nip Combe
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Original autograph letter, signed `Fred. Locker', and dated 1881, to Dr Macaulay. `I think Mr Bluett can tell you all that I can tell you about the Literary Fund & a good deal more, but still I am sorry that I am to be thus, as it were, defrauded of your visit...'
single folded page. 200x160mm, written on one side, blank leaf removed
Frederick Locker-Lampson, English poet, bibliophile, and man of letters (1821-95)
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Original autograph letter, signed `Frank Lockwood', from York, 4th Nov 1882. 'To S. D. Waddy Esq.Q.C.M.P.' Lockwood congratulates Waddy on his return for Edinburgh. `It is not given to many men to have the honour of representing a constituency so distinguished. The only drawback to my pleasure at your success is the thought that the solemn stillness of Paper Buildings may be often awakened by the strains of the bagpipes, as I presume you will learn the national instrument'
single sheet, 225x180, written on 3 sides
Sir Frank Lockwood (1846-1897) was an English lawyer and Liberal politician. Samuel Danks Waddy (1830-1902) was elected Liberal MP for Edinburgh in 1882
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Original autograph letter, signed `Loreburn', Eaton Square, May 20 1900. Loreburn writes to a Mr Macintyre wishing him well for his future in Australia. `I hope that we may be able to do some good to the old country & to keep the goodwill of the Colonies as well'
single sheet, 225x180, written on 2 sides
Lord Loreburn (1846-1926) was a lawyer, judge and Liberal politician. He was Lord Chancellor from 1905 to 1912
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LORNE, Marquess of

Original autograph letter, signed `Lorne', Aug. 20.1884. A jokey, informal letter to `My dear Professor', and noting `our West Highlander is one of the best of men, and of fablers - anyway I mean to tell them that all aid for purchase of farms, nets, legal expenses, purchase of blankets, re-roofing of houses, etc. is to come....the trout are not wholly insensible to blandishment - dishes of 15 and 12 having been caught'
single sheet, 230x180mm, written on 4 sides
John Marquess of Lorne, 9th Duke of Argyll (1845-1914) was Governor General of Canada from 1878-1883. He married Princess Louise, the daughter of Queen Victoria, but was rumoured to be homosexual. He was a close friend of Frank Shackleton, (brother of Ernest) who was implicated in the theft of the Irish Crown Jewels, but this was suppressed, due to Shackleton's connection with Lorne
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LUBBOCK, Sir John (later Lord Avebury)

Original autograph letter of introduction written on writing paper with the raised crest of the House of Lords, signed `Avebury'. Dated 1902 (Lubbock became 4th Baron Aveburyin 1900]. [Tog. with] a note (to his secretary?) dictating a letter about his wife, to Lady Aberdeen, [`say that her head is now much better', & Alice begs me to thank you and Lord Aberdeen]. Signed 'John Lubbock'. 2 pieces

Sir John Lubbock, later Lord Avebury, 1834 - 1913, banker, liberal politician, philanthropist and scientist, was a follower of Darwin and Huxley.
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Autograph note signed `Cora Lyall' to a Mrs Robertson. Mrs Lyall promises to send a cheque `tomorrow from Lucknow... I am glad to help your poor people...'
340x115, written on two sides, blank leaf removed
Cora Lyall was the wife of Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall, an Indian Civil Servant
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LYELL, Charles

Original autograph letter, signed `Chas. Lyell' from Kirriemuir, 17 Aug. 1870, to an unnamed correspondent. The letter concerns proofs and corrections to his `work relating to the Sheppey fruits'
single sheet, 230x180mm, written on 3 sides
Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1874) was the leading geologist of the day. He was a close and influential friend to Charles Darwin
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Original autograph letter signed `Dr(?) Macaulay', St James, 1831(?) to Mr H. Haly Holm. Macaulay invites Holm to accompamy him to Covent Garden the following day
single sheet,230x180, written on 2 sides
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MACBETH, Robert Walker & Norman

2 autograph letters signed - one, a short acceptance of an invitation to dine, from London, dated Feb. 11.86, signed `Robert W. Macbeth'. The other, more substantial letter, is from his father, signed `Norman Macbeth', from Edinburgh, 6th July, 1881, to an unnamed lady `Dear Madam, I have done with the necessary sittings but when the Portrait is all complete I may require a look again....'
2 single sheets, 230x180mm, the first with the rear blank removed, the second written over 2 pages
Norman Macbeth (1821-1888) was a Scottish portrait painter. His son Robert Walker (1848-1910) was a painter, etcher and watercolorist
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Original autograph letter, signed `A MacCallum'. MacCallum asks Horsley to `sign the enclosed paper, or kindly induce some of your friends to do so. I do not subscribe of late, simply because I am never asked nowadays'
single sheet, 220x180mm, blank leaf removed
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Autographed letter signed `Dugald MacColl' 21st/6/07, from Braemar, to Charles Curran Esq. MacColl thanks Curran for his `interest in my volume' and makes a number of suggestions for helping its circulation, not least in America, where Curran is going. He is holidaying in Braemar but `I am appointed to Paris for August'
single page, 200x155 written on two sides. Rear blank removed
Duguld Sutherland MacColl (1859-1948), was a Scottish painter and art critic. An advocate of French impressionism, he was Keeper of the Tate Gallery from 1906-1911, and then of the Wallace Collection 1911-1924
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Original autograph letter, signed `James McCosh', to Professor Blaikie. Dated May 6, 1858, the letter is from Queen's College, Belfast. The letter asks for letters of introduction on a tour of Germany and Switzerland, and goes on to discuss his own and Blaikie's views on Plato - `what glorious glimpses these old Greeks had'. More practically, he says `I really wish you Scotchmen would now aid me in getting a set of good grammar schools of Ireland'
single sheet, 200x150mm, written on all four side
James McCosh (1811-1894) was a Scottish Free Church minister and philosopher. He was Professor of Logic and Metaphysics at Queen's College, Belfast, and then President of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University)
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MACDONALD, John Hay, Lord Kingsburgh

Original autograph letter, signed `JHA Macdonald', to an unnamed correspondent. The letter asks for a proof page for a forthcoming manual Hints on Drill. He wants to add to his description of `file-firing'
single page, 200x160mm, written one page, blank removed
John Hay Macdonald, Lord Kingsburgh (1836-1919), a Scottish politician and judge. He was Honorary Colonel of the Queen's Rifle Volunteer Brigade, the Royal Scots
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MacDOUGALL, Lt Colonel Sir Duncan

Original autograph letter, signed `D MacDougall', dated Feby 16.1860, from Eaton Square. MacDougall agrees with the arguments expressed in some papers sent him by Dr Gourley. `Having always abhorred the punishment of flogging and never having inflicted it in a regiment under my command, I shall be happy to attend the meeting on Tuesday, should my health admit of it'
single sheet, black-bordered, 230x180mm, folded, written 4 sides
Lieutenant Colonel Sir Duncan MacDougall (1787-1862)
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Original autograph letter, signed `J MacGregor', from Blackheath, Oct. 12. 80. `My dear Doctor, A chemist brought me here the other day a picture of the Kent, by his brother who was on the C(?). It keeps having continuous `resurections' but I hope the new edition is so far on as to render the insertion of these impossible. A half hour with the fine old soldier 100 yards from this would greatly please you and my beloved father'
single sheet, 230x180mm, a little chipped at edges
John MacGregor (1825-1892), Scottish explorer, travel writer, sportsman and philanthropist, was known as `Rob Roy' MacGregor. He is also credited with the development of the first sailing canoes, to which the `Kent' presumably refers. He founded the British Royal Canoe Club in 1866. His father was General Sir Duncan MacGregor
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MACKAY, Charles

Original autograph letter signed `Chas Mackay', from Dorking, 1874. The letter is to Professor Blackie `My dear Poet & Professor - your name will shine with a great light among those on my list of subscribers; may I place it there?...'
single sheet, 220x180, rather grubby
Charles Mackay (1812-1889), Scottish poet and author
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Original autograph letter, signed `Hugh McNeile' to J S Jones, Esq, from Albany House, 16 March, 1868. A forthright condemnation of a proposed revision of some unspecified Report. `As it stands, it is nonsense, and will carry its own antidote, but I protest against publishing it as revised or corrected'
single sheet, 115x190, written on both sides
Hugh McNeile, Dean of Ripon and Leeds (1795 - 1874). A controversial Calvanist Anglican of Scottish descent, he was a brilliant public speaker and orator. He was fiercely anti-Catholic, and, even more so, anti-Anglo-Catholic
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MANNING, Henry Edward, Cardinal

Original autograph letter, signed `+ Henry. E. Archbishop of Westminster'. `My dear Professor Blackie, I shall be most happy to see you, if it will suit you to come on Saturday morning at any time: the best would be 1 ocl: to luncheon.' The letter is from Archbishop's House, Westminster, and dated April 29, 1874
single sheet, 230x180, last blank removed
Henry Edward Manning (1808-1892) was ordained in the Church of England. Influenced by Newman, Keble and Pusey, he was received into the Catholic Church and ordained priest soon after. In 1865 he was appointed Archbishop of Westminster
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Autograph letter, signed `J S Mansfield' 25th May 1856 to an illegible correspondent. An indignant letter. `I have at last received from the board of Trade my "renumeration"... I can't help thinking that the official who gave this interpretation to the work Costards definition of it in Love's Labour Lost "Renumeration - oh that's the Latin word for three farthings"'. Mansfield says he will take the money and then complain `as being in accordance with the great precept of Jonathan Wilde "first take all you can and then arrange for more"'
230x180, written on two sides, blank leaf removed
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MARSTON, John Westland

Original autograph letter, signed `Westland Marston', dated 3rd Nov. 1864. The letter is to John Bainbridge,`Your note found me under the doctor's hands for a disorder which is the result of continuous mental exertion. I am convinced that in my present state I could produce nothing creditable in the shape of an address for a theatrical audience - a composition, which, however brief, requires a special aptitude in the writer...'
single sheet, 225x180mm, written on 2 sides
John Westland Marston (1819-1890), was an English dramatist and critic
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MARTIN Sir Theodore

Original autograph letter, signed `Theodore Martin', August 1854. The letter is to Professor Blaikie, and written from `Dr Wilson's Great Malvern. `You will see from the address that we are among the water doctors. Mrs Martin has resolved on making the experiment on what they can do for her, and I am not without hope both from their treatment and the fine air of this place.' The letter goes on to discuss the rumoured failure of the Westminster Review [taken over by John Chapman in 1851], and Martin promises to find out more and advise Blaikie on an article he was about to send to the Review. Various comments on individuals includes one on Sir Archibald Alison, lawyer and regular contributor to Blackwoods Magazine, `Alison constantly reminds me of a great schoolboy, but there is something so good and generous in the man, that you cannot but like him, however little you may revere him as an author'
single sheet, 230x220mm, written on 3 sides
Sir Theodore Martin (1816-1909), was a Scottish poet, translator and biographer, best known for his `Life of the Prince Consort'. Dr James Wilson, with his partner, Dr James Manby Gully, developed a hydrotherapy, or `water cure', at Great Malvern
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Original autograph letter, signed `David Masson'. Dated Feb.6, 1884, to Professor Geikie `Many thanks for the little curiosity you have sent me. It is really very interesting, and, as you say, with "fine Irish flavour". Unless you know for certain that the writer - Hutcheson Gibson - was a lad of Kyle, I should be inclined to think he was a real Irishman on a visit to those parts, or settled in them. Shall I return you the ms.? Might it not be worthwhile to try to get it printed somewhere? Besides its own interest, there might be the interest attaching to it as a ditty in circulation in Ayrshire two years before the death of Burns.'
single sheet, 230x175mm. written on 2 pages
David Masson (1822-1907), was a Scottish literary critic and historian. His son, David Orme Masson, became first Professor of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne
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MAXWELL, Sir William Stirling

Original autograph letter, signed `William Stirling Maxwell', 22 June 76 from Edinburgh but written on notepaper from the House of Commons. Maxwell tells the Rev. T. J. Wilson that he has presented to the House of Commons the Vale of Atholl Lodge's submission on the Intoxicating Liquors Bill
220x190, written on one side, blank leaf removed
Sir William Stirling Maxwell (1818-1878), was a politician, historical writer and art critic. He was MP for Perthshire from 1874-78
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Autograph letter signed 'John Millais'. Dated 17 April 1891, on printed notepaper from "2. Palace Gate. Kensington" Millais writes to John Calcott Horsley, Treasurer of the Royal Academy, telling him he'll be attending the AGM, and asking him "to find a place, good as per sun, for two landscapes by Cadogan" and a portrait by Vinter "which you can put up somewhere". He also apologises that he probably won't be able to make a forthcoming Council meeting because he has a clashing one "at the orphanage"
single sheet, 230x180mm, written on 2 sides
John Everett Millais (1829-1896), painter and illustrator. He was one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
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MILLS, Charles, Baron Hillingdon (1830 - 1898)

Original autograph letter, signed `Hillingdon', dated December 31st, 1890. To John Calcott Horsley, `I am very much averse to putting glass over pictures, and only did so in the case of Mrs Powys because she hangs over the mantlepiece in a room where the grate occasionally smokes. The other picture was glazed without my knowledge. I have not yet received an invitation to see them and must therefore wait till next week'
single sheet, 230x175mm, written on 3 sides
Charles Mills, Baron Hillingdon (1830-1898) was a banker and Conservative politician. `Mrs Powys' is possibly the painter Mrs Lybbe Powys
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Original autograph letter, signed `John Milne', to Dr Gourley, M.P. 14th Oct. 1865. Milne thanks Gourley for lending him a pamphlet on military reforms, much of which he says he agrees with. `I trust that you will live to see them carried out more extensively than they are at present: though even at present considerable attempts are being made in some of the directions which you point out; for instance in giving more cubic space to each each man in Barracks, building Barracks in better situations, etc. As to removing Barracks from towns entirely, and placing them in the country, surrounded with gardens, - that would certainly be an excellent thing in a moral and sanitary point of view, but I fear it is a measure, any general carrying out of which would meet with opposition on military grounds'
single sheet, 230x180mm, written on 3 sides
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MOFFAT, Robert

Original autograph letter, signed `Robert Moffat', from Brixton, Feby. 12th 1874. A not quite literate letter to Mrs Kennedy. Moffat tries to make arrangements for seeing her within his busy schedule of meetings (the Bible Society, the Missionary Society, the Metropolitan Tabernacle). And on one day `I am expected to be in the company of our noble Gladstone'
single sheet, 220x180mm, written on 2 sides
Robert Moffat (1795 - 1883) was a farmer and African Missionary. Mrs Kennedy was the wife of a prominent Free Church of Scotland minister
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MOORE, Thomas

Original autograph letter, signed `Thos. Moore', from the Botanic Garden, Chelsea, Nov. 1859. To an unnamed correspondent, recommending various works of his own for reference purposes, and giving a tentative identification of a plant drawing sent him
single sheet, 230x180mm, written on 2 sides
Thomas Moore, (1821-1887) was a gardner and botanist - the leading expert in British Ferns
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MORLEY, Samuel

2 original autograph letter, signed `S. Morley' on stationery blind stamped House of Commons, 10 March 1885, to the Rev. Dr Kennedy. Morley acknowledges a note from Kennedy `in reference to the case of Dr. MacAuslane. I am happy to say that the case may be practically settled. Dr. M. at once announced to his Church his withdrawal from the Pastorship.' With a letter signed `S Morley' but in another hand, and dated Dec.2. 1885, from 18 Wood St. London, to Dr Kennedy `I don't think you gave me a very clear notion in a letter I received from you too long ago as to how I could best promote your object in reference to your son. If you will give me a hint, I will do anything in my power to prove my respect for you and my confidence in him.'
2 single sheets, 240x185mm, blank leaf removed; 230x180mm
Samuel Morley (1809-1886) was a wool manufacturer, philanthropist and political radical. He was a Member of Parliament in Gladstone's government. Dr Kennedy was a minister in the Free Church of Scotland
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MORRIS, Philip

Original autograph letter, signed `Phil Morris' to Colin Hunter, Feb. 14th 86. Morris regrets that he can't be at Hunter's `sketching evening'
single sheet, 230x180mm, blank page removed
Philip Richard Morris (1836-1902) was an English painter
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Original autograph letter signed `John Murray', from Albermarle St, May 18, to Mr L Bruce, Esq
single sheet, 220x180, written on 3 pages
John Murray the third, of the Edinburgh and London publishing house (1808-1892)
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Original autograph letter signed `John Murray', from London 24 August 1821, to an unnamed correspondent. Murray apologises `for having yesterday put you to unnecessary trouble respecting Miss M(?)'s box - which arrived this morning - it was entirely the blunder of the French lady who brought her over'
single sheet, 190x175
John Murray the second, of the Edinburgh and London publishing house (1778-1843)
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MURRAY, Sir James

Original autograph letter, signed `J.A.H. Murray' from Oxford, 24th Oct. 1894, to Professor Geikie. Murray thanks Geikie for a quotation he has supplied and asks him if he could pinpoint the reference, because, `I am so pressed at present on account of the death of my chief assistant Mr Mitchell...'
single sheet, 230x180mm, blank leaf removed
Sir James Murray, (1837-1915), was a Scottish lexicographer and philologist. He was the primary editor of the O. E. D. from 1879 until his death
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MURRAY, Sir James

Original autograph note, signed `James M Murray' from Oxford, 11th Jany 1885, to an unnamed correspondent (Rev. John Walker?). `I am obliged by your note. I hope you will see it convenient to take part I & II back to Australia with you, and to exhibit it there to those to whom it would be on interest. At 12/6 the part, it is the cheapest book ever issued'
single sheet, 230x180mm, blank leaf removed
Sir James Murray, (1837-1915), was a Scottish lexicographer and philologist. He was the primary editor of the O. E. D. from 1879 until his death
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NAPIER, Sir Charles

Original autograph note, signed `Chas Napier' to an unnamed correspondent, concerning a letter returned by the Post Office, which was sent to the wrong address

General Sir Charles Napier, (1782-1853) had distinguished military careers in both Spain and India
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Original autograph letter, signed `Napier & E' [from Gunn's Hotel Edinburgh] to Professor Blackie. A jocular letter. Napier is sending a copy of a portrait of himself to be `put in as a portrait at the beginning of your commentary on the Crofters Report'. He comments `here I am without a plaid or a hat or any romantic appendage, but I think in a rather admonitory posture & expression as if I had a countermaun tenant before me or water poacher'
single sheet, 230x180mm, written on 4 sides
Francis Napier (1819-1898), created Baron Ettrick in 1872, was a Scottish diplomat and colonial administrator
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Original autograph letter, signed `Charles Neaves', 8th June, 1858, from `Church Sq.' The letter is to an unnamed Professor. Neaves thanks him for information about `Jenny Geddes, who was & is a very spirited lady, and who seems to have appeared at the right time in the middle of organ questions & other innovations. I don't know what she thinks of our friend Dr. Robt. Lee.'
single sheet, 200x160, blank page detached
Charles, Lord Neaves (1800-1876), was a Scottish judge and theologian. Jenny Geddes, a 17th century market trader in Edinburgh, is alleged to have thrown a stool at the head of the minister of St Giles Cathedral, in objection to the first public use of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer in Scotland. The Rev. Robert Lee was, at the time of Lord Neaves' letter, trying to have music introduced into the Presbyterian Church
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NEWMAN Francis W

Original autograph letter, signed `Francis W Newman', from Bristol, April 28/71, to Mrs Nicholls. Newman thanks her for the papers of `Mazzini's protest' and `Dr Lagan's important and painful book'. He writes about distributing `5 leaflets on Chastity' and quotes a commercial traveller who `says that by other travellers & by Railway Station Masters the power of distribution is unlimited. This is one form of action which a Society for the Extinction of Harlotry, (when we get it), ought to undertake'
single sheet, written on 2 sides, 225x180mm
Francis Newman (1805-1897) was a scholar and writer, and the brother of Cardinal Newman
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NEWMAN, John Henry, Cardinal

Original autograph note, signed on the bottom of the page `With Cardinal Newman's kind regards'. The rest of the text is the opening line of Newman's most famous hymn `Lead Kindly Light' and his signature `John H Card Newman Jany 10 1886'
small sheet, 100x155mm
John Henry Newman (1801-1890) was a leader in the Oxford Movement. He was received into the Catholic Church in 1845, and made Cardinal in 1879
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NICHOLS John Gough

Original autograph letter, signed `John Gough Nichols', from 25 Parliament St, to C. G. Young, Esq. Nichols sends Young `proofs of the Dugdale additions, and with them a clean copy of the last portion.' He goes on, `It is curious how many Englishmen appear to have married a Countess of Mentieth' and he discusses this in a part-scholarly, part-playful way. On the third page are what appear to be a number of tombstone inscriptions in Latin, in a different hand
single sheet, 240x200, written on 3 pages
John Gough Nichols (1806-1873), was a printer and antiquary. William Dugdale (1800-1868), was a publisher, printer, and bookseller of politically subversive literature. He went to prison numerous times on obscenity charges
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Original autograph letter, signed `Normanton', from Somerley, Ringwood, Nov. 19/90, to John Calcott Horsley. The letter concerns Horsley's visit to view some pictures which have been locked up, but telling him to contact the housemaid, Emma Porter, about a day when they will be made available
single sheet, 220x180mm, written on 2 sides, blank detached
James Agar, 3rd Earl of Normanton (1818-1896), was a Irish peer and Conservative politician
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Original autograph letter, signed `Gore Ouseley' from Woolmers, Hertford, Aug. 12th, 1832. To John Gough Nichols. Ouseley is `much concerned at the interuption to the Excerpta Historica, and would willingly encourage any work of a similar tendancy if confident of its being properly carried on - as your name is a guarantee of the work being conducted in a manner most likely to give the fullest satisfaction to the subscribers, I beg you will have the goodness to place my name in your list of subscribers'
single sheet, 160x200, written on one side only
Sir Gore Ouseley (1770-1844) was a British entrepreneur, linguist and diplomati
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OUTRAM, Sir James

Original autograph letter, signed `J Outram', undated, to `My dear Christie', the letter regrets that Outram cannot employ someone suggested by Christie, `I do feel that it is not fair in the first place to deprive Stalker of any of his staff - and in the next, that I should not be justified in taking any more on service, seeing that I have already such a host of personal staff - and, moreover, were I to accede to your request I should have no excuse for refusing similar applications from other officers'
single page, 240x200mm, rear blank removed
Sir James Outram (1806-1863) was considered a hero in suppressing the Indian Rebellion of 1857
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Over 60 letters concerning the art scene in Britain in the latter part of the 19th century, mostly to John Callcott Horsley (1817-1903) who was a painter of historical and domestic scenes, a member of the Royal Academy, and himself the treasurer there from 1882 to 1897. The DNB says he was the 'moving spirit' in organising a series of 'Old Masters' exhibitions at the RA between 1875 and 1890, and that `he was indefatigable in searching for desirable pictures, and in persuading their owners to lend. For such duties he was remarkable well fitted'. The present collection of letters vividly illustrates this talent. It includes correspondence from Lady Butler, G. F. Watts, John Everett Millais, George Scharf, Sir George Grove, the Duke of Bedford, the Marquess of Bristol, the Earl of Cranbrook, Lord Egerton, the Earl of Normanton, Lord Yarborough, Lord Scarsdale. It rather appears that the Reverend John Walker found a rich source of autographs in Horsley who passed on to him a great deal of his apparently ephemeral correspondence

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OWEN, Sir Richard

Original letter signed `Rich. Owen', Ardwick Hall, Manchester, May 6th, 1857. The letter is to Mr Gregson. Owen regrets he has to postpone a trip to Liverpool because `we find so much to see here, in the Exhibition, which we would not be able to see at a future time...The collections much exceed our anticipation... and a week barely suffices for a superficial inspection of them... if I could have been spared from the British Museum another week I should not have failed to make a day at Liverpool...'
single sheet, 220x180, written on 4 sides
Richard Owen (1804-1892), was an English biologist, anatomist, and paleontologist, who was a fierce opponent of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection. He was instrumental in the establishment of the British Museum (Natural History). Mr Gregson was probably a member of the Liverpool shipbuilding family. The Exhibition referred to was the Art Treasures of Great Britain, Manchester, 1857, the largest ever in Great Britain, which 1.3 million people visited in 142 days
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PALMER, Edward Henry

Original autograph letter signed `E H Palmer', Cambridge, May 12, 1873, to an unnamed correspondent. The letter is a reply to enquiries, probably linguistic ones. `I have ventured to criticise your Arabic post card, which I trust you will pardon me for doing'. [Tog. with} Three separate pages, dated 27th May, signed `E. H. Palmer', are presumably to the same correspondent. Words are written in Arabic, with phoneticised English prononciations beside, with Palmer's comments and notes on them. [Tog. with] Original autograph letter , signed `E. H. Palmer', Cambridge April 29th, 1873, to the Rev. William Saumarez Smith. Palmer advices Saumarez Smith about the books he should have for the study of Arabic he is starting, and invites him to consult him with any difficulties he may have
5 sheets, 230x180mm. The last has slight silverfish damage, without loss of text
Edward Henry Palmer (1840-1882) was a noted Orientalist and Professor of Arabic at Cambridge. In 1882 he was asked by the Government to go to Egypt as interpreter-in chief, to assist the Expedition to secure the non interference with the Suez Canal. Although successful with his negotiatons with the Arab Sheiks, he and his companions were murdered in the desert in December 1882. Rev. William Saumarez Smith (1836-1909), was a scholar and linguist who was appointed Bishop of Sydney and Primate of the Anglican Church in Australia in 1890, and Archbishop in 1897. He was a supporter of religious tolerence, and of education - both Moore College and Sydney Church of England Girls Grammar School being established in his time
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Original autograph letter, signed `Noel Paton', from 33 Georges Square, April 14th, 1881. The letter is to J McMurtrie. Paton thanks McMurtrie for reading and reporting `at such length' on a `little story' by his daughter, Mrs Wallace Kidson, Bramshott House, Lipstock, Hants. He also thanks McMurtrie for sending him a poem by a Mrs Saxby
single sheet, 110x180, rear leaf removed
Joseph Noel Paton (1820-1901) was a Scottish artist
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Original autograph letter, signed `George Peabody', from Manchester, 22nd June 1833, to John Robb. Peabody gives Robb information about conveyance to London of `the canvas' and puts in other orders for goods if they `can be had from 5 to 10 per cent less than that purchased for me last season'
single sheet, 190x225, written on one side
George Peabody (1795-1869) was an American born entrepreneur and philanthropist
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PEARSON, Charles

Original autograph letter, signed `Charles Pearson', 20 April 95, to Professor Geikie. Pearson asks Geikie if he could identify `the enclosed fragment of our planet, handed to me by a lady at Dalemaine, near Ulleswater, who takes an interest in her local geology...She asked if I thought anyone in Edinburgh could tell her what it is, and in particular whether it is fossil vegetable matter. So I go to head quarters.'
single sheet, 110x180, rear leaf removed
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PEASE, Dr Albert Lester

Original autograph letter, signed A. L. Pease, from Queen's Terrace, Glasgow, 13th Feb. 1885. Pease replies regretfully that the only autograph he can provide is his own - `the following single chant may do as a specimen of my own.' He also remarks, `I am very glad that the good opinion you formed of our Cathedral organ has not been modified by your acquaintance with other larger instruments'
single sheet, 225x175, written on 4 sides
Dr Albert Lester Pease, organist and composer
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PEDDIE John Dick

Original autograph letter on the letterhead of the Warrigal Club, Sydney, dated 26 Sept/85, signed `J Dick Peddie'. Dick Peddie, on a visit to Australia, apologises to a Mr Sinclair for his inability to accept and invitation. He has stayed too long in Sydney, `and now find that I shall have but little time to see some portions of New S Wales between this and the frontier & some other portions of Victoria besides the capital.' He hopes that Sinclair will call upon him if he is at any time in Edinburgh.
single sheet, 230x180, written on 2 sides
John Dick Peddie (1824-1891) was a Scottish architect, business man and Liberal politician
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PELHAM, Charles Alfred Worsley, Lord Yarborough, (4th Earl, 1859 - 1963)

Original autograph letter, signed `Yarborough', dated Oct. 7th 1889, from Brocklesby Park, Ulceby, to John Calcott Horsley. `I should be very pleased for you to see my pictures in Arlington Street, and my porter who is in charge there will show them to you, if you will kindly take this note with you'
single sheet, 220x180, rear leaf removed, written on 2 sides
The 4th Lord Yarborough (1859-1936) was a British peer and politician
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Original autograph letter, signed `John Pettie', from Fitzjohn's Ave South Hampstead, Mar. 27/85, to John Callcott Horsley, saying he would be `at home' until 4.30 the following day and would be `very pleased to see you'
single sheet 170x130, written on one side
John Pettie (1839-1903) was a Scottish painter
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Original autograph letter, signed `John Phillip', from Kensington, April 9th, 1863. To `Bickuele' (?). Phillip writes that he will be delayed in reaching the exhibition at Denmark Hill, but will get there as soon `as possible in the hope of meeting you among the pictures'
single sheet, 230x280, written on 2 pages
John Phillip (1817 - 1867) was a Scottish-born painter who was nicknamed `Spanish Phillip' on account of his paintings of Spanish life. He was one of `The Clique' a group of painters lead by Richard Dadd
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Original autograph letter, signed `Sam. Phillips', from Sydenham, 30 Dec 1853, to J Macauley. `Thanks for your letter and recommendation. But I had previously made an arrangement with a Mr Sorel, whom by the way, I have requested to call upon you that you may be good enough to give him any notes you have made since we first spoke on the subject of the Guide Book, & any ideas you may have formed'
single sheet, 220x180mm, rear blank removed
Samuel Philips (1815-1854), was an English journalist and author. In 1845 he became the literary critic for The Times. He was one of the founders of the Crystal Palace Company and the Guide appeared under his name in 1854
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Original autograph letter, signed `Fred. R. Pickersgill', from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, 11 Feb. 1891, to John Calcott Horsley. Horsley is seeking an introduction but `I have no friends at Worthing, consequently I am afraid I cannot help you in the case of Mrs Duncan. One of Hook's sisters is at Bognor but that is miles away...'
single sheet, 230x180mm, written on 2 sides, rear blank removed
Frederick Richard Pickersgill (1820-1900) was an English painter and illustrator
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Original autograph letter, signed `Polworth', from Mertown House, St Boswells, June 20th, 1884(?). To Mr McMurtrie. Polworth invites McMurtrie to `a little conference' held on one day every summer. `Our subject is The King and The Kingdom. I hope Dr Stewart of Lovedale will speak on Missions', and `it would give us great pleasure if you could come and spend the day here, bringing any lady friend'. Lord Polworth gives directions about railway timetables and local conveyances
single sheet, 170x135, written on 4 sides
Lord Polworth (1800-1867) was a Scottish peer
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Original autograph lote, on stationery imprinted `Windsor Castle', and dated March 1 1890. `Sir Henry Ponsonby presents his compliments to Mr Calcott Horsley and begs leave to acknowledge the receipt of his letter and the enclosed address which he has laid before the Queen'
single sheet, 230x180mm, written on one side, toen in halfbut with no loss of text
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POOLE, Paul Falconer

Original autograph letter, signed `P F Poole', De. 9, 1878, to John Calcott Horsley. Poole informs Horsley that his `Diploma as a Royal Academician is dated Mar. 1862'
single sheet, 220x160, rear leaf removed
Paul Falconer Poole R. A. (1806-1879) was an English artist
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POOLE, Reginald Stuart

Original autograph letter, signed `Reg. Stuart Poole', on the letterhead of the British Museum, 14 July, 1873, addressed to Dr Carruthers. `By some mistake my friend whom I recommended to you for copying work has not yet been up for examination. Is it now too late?'
230x185, blank leaf detached
Reginald Stuart Poole (1832-1895), was an English archaeologist and orientalist, author and lecturer. In 1870 he was appointed Keeper of the Department of Coins and Medals at the British Museum
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Original autograph letter, signed `Jos. Prestwick', from 69 March Lane, 26 Sept. 1872. To Dr Carruthers. Preswick promises to send Carruthers some geological specimens when the pressures of his business allow him
250x200, written on 2 pages
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Original autograph letter, signed `George Rawlinson.' The letter, written from Oxford, dated March 3, 1872, is to J Macaulay. `I will send you a paper on the `Ten Tribes' in the course of this month. Probably. I shall have finished it by about the 20th'
single sheet (rear blank removed), 110x180mm)
Canon George Rawlinson (1812-1902), English scholar, historian, Christian theologian
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Original autograph letter, signed `H Reeve', on paper with the blind stamp of the Privy Council Office, undated. The letter is to Mrs Oliphant, correcting a translation of hers
single page, folded, (230x180mm), written on 3 sides
Henry Reeve (1813-1895), was an English journalist. In 1837 he was made clerk of appeal and then registrar to the judicial committee of the Privy Council. From 1840-1855 he wrote for The Times on foreign policy. In 1856 he became editor of The Edinburgh Review
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Original autograph letter, signed `Geo Richmond', and dated July 29, 1890, to John Callcott Horsley
single sheet, folded, 230x180mm
George Richmond (1809 to 1896), was an English painter & member of `The Ancients', followers of William Blake. John Callcott Horsley was Rector and Treasurer of the Royal Academy from 1875 to 1990
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Original autograph letter, signed `W. B. Richmond', undated. `My dear Horsley. Thanks for your note - I am very glad indeed, for it seems to me the R. A. should exercise in matters outside pictures and sculptures, and should enter in a public spirited fashion, the lists and make war against distraction and moneymanship (?)...'
single sheet (110x180mm) written on one side of paper
William Blake Richmond (1842-1921). English portrait painter and designer of stained glass and mosaic. His work is in St Pauls Cathedral
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Autograph letter signed `Briton Riviere', dated Oct. 7/91. `My dear Horsley...'
single page (110x180mm), rear blank removed
Briton Riviere (1840-1920) was an English artist and member of the Royal Academy
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2 original autograph letters, the first signed `Rosebery' and the second `R'. The first, written from Edinburgh, April 10, 1882, is about a meeting with a `deputation'. The second, a friendly, playful letter to `My dear Professor', promises to name `any further Primrose children' after Hans Primrose, the hero of a book sent him by the professor. `I also observe that a Gladstone was welcomed in Sweden about the same time. There must be good stuff in Sweden; and I say this not from vanity, as I observe that the line of Hans, as is almost invariably the case with great men, became immediately extinct!'
2 sheets, 220x180mm (blank removed from first letter)
Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Lord Rosebery, British Liberal stateman. He was Prime Minister of Britain 1894/5
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Original autograph letter signed `Peter Rylands' from Bewsey House, Oct.24.1871, to `My dear Fred', presumably a close friend or relation because the letter is signed `with love to all, yours affectionately'. Rylands encloses MPs autographs and says that he will be taking the train to Ellesmere `a little after half past one. This will be more convenient for yr horses'
200x160, blank leaf detached
Peter Rylands (1820-1887), was a wire-manufacturer from Lancashire who became a Liberal radical politician
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RYLE, Dr J C., Bishop of Liverpool

Original autograph letter from `The Palace, Liverpool, Nov. 16, `83. Dear Miss Birt, I do not know if your mother has asked Mr Bushell, & his son in law Mr Rankin - but I know they both take a great interest in emigration - & it would be a great point if you could secure them for the meeting'
single sheet, folded, 230x180mm, written 2 sides
Dr J. C. Ryle (1860-1900), first Anglican Bishop of Liverpool. A great cricketer and athlete, the son of a wealthy banker, he was destined for politics before choosing ordination. He was the leader of the Evangelical party in the Church of England. Louisa Birt, with her sister, Annie MacPherson, founded in 1869 `Home Children', a child migration scheme, where orphaned children were sent out to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
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SALTOUN, General

Original autograph Monthly Return of Quarters, 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards, dated 22nd March, 1826, signed `Saltorin, Capt. Comdr. 3d Batt Gr Guards'
single sheet, 185x230, written one side
General Saltoun, the 17th Baron, was a Scottish peer and a British army general (1785-1853). He commanded the Grenadier Guards, and served with distinction in the Battle of Waterloo
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Original autograph letter, signed `Scarsdale', from Great Cumberland Place, July 13. 1890 `Dear Mr Horsley, I should like to see you for a few minutes tomorrow if convenient, & will call at the Athenaeum between 4.30 and 5.30 pm on the chance of finding you.'
single black bordered sheet 110x180mm, written on both sides
Alfred Nathaniel Curzon (1831-1916), 4th Baron Scarsdale. His son was George, 1st Marquess Curzon, Viceroy of India
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SCHARF, George

Original autograph letter, signed `George Scharf', from National Portrait Gallery Westminister 27 December 1890. Scharf is arranging a meeting with Horsley at Burlington House `weather permitting... Tuesday I find is the private view of our Guelph Exhibition, and if I go any where it must be thereunto. I went to Guelph land today for the first time and it is a most interesting collection. The 3 rooms are crowded with pictures and that is as much as ordinary mortals can bear.' H finishes with the remark that `I still think of Highmore as the possible painter of that conversation piece. It is too good for either Mercier, Chas Philips, or Nollekins'
single sheet, 220x180mm, written 2 sides, blank leaf removed
George Scharf (1820-1895), was an art critic, an illustrator, and the first director of London's National Portrait Gallery
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SCOTT Robert

Original autograph letter, signed `Robert Scott', from Deanery Rochester, and dated Dec.2.85. The letter is to Professor Milligan. `I have written to Professor Jowett, according to your request, and shall be very glad if it does your friend any good...'
single sheet, black bordered, folded, written on 2 sides
Robert Scott (1811-1887), Master of Balliol College, Oxford, & Dean of Rochester from 1870 to his death. He co-edited the Greek- English Lexicon known as Liddell and Scott
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Original authograph letter on writing paper headed `Wemyss Castle, Wemyss Bay, Sep.5, 1882. Dear Mr McIntosh, I shall be very happy to meet my old friends, yourself, and any of the Glasgow working men, on the great subject of Sabbath Protection. I will look out for a day after the 14th. I should much prefer, if possible, a meeting at [illegible], to enable me to reach Wemyss by 7. Yours etc. Shaftesbury'
4 page letter card, written on 2 pages. A colour `scrap' of Lord Shaftesbury has been fixed to the blank page
Lord Shaftesbury, 7th Earl (1801-1885), English politician, philanthropist, and social reformer
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SHAIRP, John Campbell

Original autograph letter, signed `J C Shairp', from `Houston Uphall, Jany 10th. My dear Macleod I am glad to find that it will suit you to receive the 2nd part of "Pusey" into the March number. I shall depend on you putting it in then, for it has cost me a good deal of trouble, and a little more will finish it. I have been reading Vol III of B. P. Willberforce's Life, and observed the skits at [?] in it and wonder whether you would remain silent under them...'

John Campbell Shairp (1819-1885), Scottish poet, critic, and man of letters. He was appointed Professor of Humanities at St Andrews in 1861, and then Professor of Poetry at Oxford in 1877. Although he remained faithful to his Presbyterian upbringing, he was greatly influenced by Newman, Pusey, Keble, and the Oxford Movement
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SIDDONS, Mary Scott

Original autograph letter signed `Mary Scott Siddons', from Windermere, 3 February 1883 to Professor Blackie. Scott Siddons informs Blackie that she is to do 2 readings in Edinburgh, but that she has heard that some concerts are clashing with her readings, and she asks Blackie if he would canvass for her, otherwise she will suffer a heady loss, `as the expense of organizing an entertainment in Edinburgh is considerable'
single sheet, 260x205, written on 2 sides
Mary Frances Scott Siddons (1844-1890) was a celebrated actress
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SIDGWICK, Professor Henry

Original autograph letter, signed `H Sidgwick', on paper with the blind stamp of the Oxford Union Society, dated 13 Dec./82. A letter about some lectures of his `... I never gave notice of them: I meant to do so at the end of my last lecture but my class vanished (while I was talking to one member of it) before the announcement was made!'
single sheet, folded, written 2 sides, 230x180mm
Henry Sidgwick (1838 - 1900), English philosopher and economist. In 1883 he was elected Knightsbridge Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge. Together with his wife Eleanor, nee Balfour, Principal of Newnham College, he was an advocate for the higher education of women
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SIMPSON, Sir James

Original autograph note dated Thursday 9 October 1862 to an unnamed correspondent. `My dear Sir, Mr Robertson - the author of the forthcoming new history of Scotland - has come down to Edinburgh for a couple of days, & is to dine with me tomorrow (Friday) at seven o'clock. Be so good as [to] come and help me entertain him. You will find a few literary friends only - some of whom have seen with astonishment some of the proof-sheets of this Englishman's history of our country...
Single sheet, written on both sides
Sir James Young Simpson (1811-1870) was a Scottish obstetrician who was the first to use ether in Britain, and the first to use chloroform in obstetrics
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Original autograph letter, signed `J William F Skene' from Edinburgh 6th Nov. 1885. The letter concerns the spelling of the placename `Ardeleryd', the site of a battle. The combination of Welsh words and Skene's handwriting make this a difficult letter to decipher
single sheet, 200x155, written on 3 pages
William Forbes Skene(1809-1892) was a Celtic scholar and author
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SMART, Sir George

Original autograph letter, signed `George Smart', Feb. 7. 1839. To Mr Hedgley. Smart asks Hedgley to send to a Mr Richard Bacon of Norwich `directly the following: one printed copy of first violin Messaiah - one do. of Tenor, Do - & one copy of 2nd Trumpets Messaiah'
single sheet, 230x180, written on 2 sides, blank removed
Sir George Smart (1776-1867) was an English musician and conductor. He was called the `Master of the Handelian Tradition'
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Original autograph letter, signed `S Smiles', to J M Goodlet, in Australia. The letter, dated 30th October '78, acknowledges 5 pounds`for the use of Thomas Edward', currently in Banff, who, as a result of donations is 'pretty well off now'. He then discusses his current book, the life of the geologist and botanist Robert Dick
single sheet, 200x160mm, written on 3 sides
Samuel Smiles (1812-1894), Scottish writer and reformer. He published books of the lives of both Thomas Edwards and Robert Dick
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SMITH, George Barnett

Original autograph letter, signed `George Barnett Smith', and dated March 29.1877. Dear Madam [Mrs Oliphant], I see that the first volume of your series of Foreign Classics is advertised by Messrs Blackwood to be ready in May - I shall be glad to receive from you an early copy of "Dante" for the purposes of review both here and in America. May I also ask whether you will be able to commit the Moliere volume to me? - respecting which we had some corresondence. If not, what other French author could you place at my disposal?'
single sheet, folded, written one page only, 230x180mm
George Barnett Smith (1841-1909) English author and journalist
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SMITH, Horatio

Original autograph letter, from Brighton 13th Sept. 1846, signed `Horatio Smith'. `Absence from home has prevented my sooner replying to yours of 8th inst. I have not sent any copy of my poems to either of the Brighton Papers, nor should I wish to do so, as it might look like a personal solicitation of favorable notice - I take in the Herald'
single sheet, folded, 230x180mm, written on one page
Horatio Smith (1779-1849), English writer and poet
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Original autograph letter, signed `R A Smith', 20th August 1827, to Joseph Mac Gregor. Smith has got himself into what he revers to variously as an `unfortunate affair... strife... scrape' and admits `I have been led into the present business very foolishly'. He says as a result he is very ill, and asks Mac Gregor `for God's sake, advise me as to the best means of getting out of the scrape'. Included is a note in a contemporary hand, signed `A.P.' saying that R A Smith `was leader of the choir of the Abbey Church, Paisley, & used to leave his precentor's seat during sermon, at the end of which he woke up from a sound sleep, resuming his place to head the worship. I knew one of his best singers - a worthless, cursing and swearing radical'
single sheet, folded, written on 3 sides, 370x230mm
R A Smith (1780-1868), Scottish composer
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SMITH, William

Original autograph letter, signed `William Smith', dated Feb.5., 1850, to an unknown correspondent, possibly Dr Carruthers. In a detailed 3 page letter Wiliams discusses various plant specimens and slides he has sent
230x190, written on 3 sides
William Smith, the naturalist (1808-1867), was appointed to the Chair of Natural History at Queen's College, Cork
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SMITH William Robertson

Original autograph letter, signed `W R Smith', from Aberdeen 17 May 1880. `My dear Candlish...' The letter concerns intense internal debate in the Free Church of Scotland `of the fundamental principles of the Free, nay, of the Reformation Church'. Smith, with the support of Drs. Lindsay, Candlish and Salmond, proposes an article for the Daily Review. His chief opponent seems be Dr Ray. Smith ends `all churches may err, and so gross an error may be corrected by rapid revulsion of Christian feeling and conviction. We are not entitled to expect that the head of the Church, who has not given it infallibility, will preserve it from all false judgment:but we are certain that he will overrule all to his own glory & the edification of his people'
single sheet, folded, written on 3 pages, 230x180mm
William Robertson Smith (1846-1894), was a Scottish orientalist and Old Testament scholar. He was both contributor to and an editor of the Encyclopaedia Britanica. He lost his position as minister in the Free Church of Scotland after his trial for heresy in the 1870s, after articles written by him appeared in the Britannica
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SMYTH, Richard

Original autograph letter, signed `Richard Smyth' Londonderry, Nov.6. 1876. The letter is to the Rev. A H Lundy. `During our [current] session I cannot go so far away as Liverpool. the only absences which I can permit myself are those which are connected to the opening of Parliament and one or two parliamentary events in the Spring. To exceed these is to open a floodgate which I cannot contemplate. I am extremely sorry to refuse you but there is really no help for it'
230x180, written on 3 pages
Richard Smyth (1826-1878) was a politician and a Presbyterian Minister in Ireland. At the time of writing the letter he was MP for Londonderry
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SOUTHESK Lord, 9th Earl

Original autograph letter, signed `Southesk', dated May 9, 1862, to Mr Dow (?), probably a publisher. The letter concerns proofs of a work `Herminius'
single sheet, 110x180, written on 2 sides
James Carnegie, 9th Earl of Southesk, (1827-1905). Scottish nobleman, author of several books, including `Herminius'
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Original autograph letter, signed `Althorp' to an unknown correspondent. From London, but on stationery blindstamped with a coronet and the letter `A', June 6th/57. The letter acknowledges `the service you did me in replying to the placard about Maynooth', but regrets `that the calls upon my purse are so numerous that for the present I must limit my subscriptions. I shall however be very glad to send you 5 pounds, which, though small, will I hope, show you that I do not look in a narrow minded way on principles of religion. I always feel indignant when I hear of a man's religion being made a bar against his advancement by others, & I trust that much good will arise to your congregations from the schools you have instituted.'
single page, folded, written on 3 sides, 220x180mm
Lord Spencer, 4th Earl (1798-1857). He died in the December after this letter was written
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Original autograph letter, signed `A P Stanley', from Deanery, Westminster, April 14 1881. The supremely illegible letter is to a Mr Ogilvie. Stanley admits he can `throw no light upon' some issue to do with Montaigne. He ends the letter `I give my indit for calling Edinburgh the Acropolis of Scotland'
single black bordered sheet, 220x180, rear blank removed
Arthur Penryn Stanley (1815-1881) was Dean of Westminister and the author of works on church history
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Original autograph letter, signed `J Stansfield' to Mrs Nichol, April 17.84. Stansfield regrets that he cannot have Supper for Saturday's meeting, and advises that he has sent on a letter of hers to a Mr C Crawford
single sheet, 250x200, written on 2 pages, blank leaf removed
James Stansfield, was an MP
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STEPHEN, James Fitzjames

Original authograph letter (1891, to `My Dear Cousin') and an original autograph lettercard (1886), both from 32, De Vere Gardens. The letter talks of his retirement from the law `I regard it myself in the light of a change of occupation, having returned to my former pursuits of literary undertakings'
single sheet, folded, 230x180mm
Stephen, 1st Baronet Stephen (1829-1894), the brother of Sir Leslie Stephen, and the uncle of Virginia Woolf, was a judge and author
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STEWART, Balfour

Original autograph letter, signed `Balfour Stewart', to Mr Balfour. The letter is from Ballymagarvy, Balrath, Navan, Ireland, 14 April, 1887, thanking Balfour for kindness towards Stewart's son (?), Charlie. Stewart discusses Charlie's talents and prospects and proposes to let him call on `Mr Deakin to whom I've written. He will thus gain an idea of the possibilities in Australia... This is a very quiet place and we have few difficulties...nevertheless, a woman, (a pedlar & charwoman), whom my aunt put into one of the lodges under a written agreement to turn out at a week's notice, has joined the National League, and we will have to turn her out for one of the servants'.
single sheet, 220x180mm, written on 4 sides
Balfour Stewart (1828 - 1887), Scottish physicist, Director of Kew Observatory, was the author of several textbooks on science. He also had business interests in Scotland and Australia. Balfour is probably John Balfour (1837-1905), Scottish lawyer and Liberal politician, and Alfred Deakin (1856-1919), the second Prime Minister of Australia
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SUTHERLAND, Millicent, Duchess of

Original autograph note on writing paper from Dunrobil Castle, Sutherland, dated Sep. 3, 1900. Requesting a Mr & Mrs Macdonald to come to dinner the next day

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SWAIN, Charles

Original autograph letter, signed `C Swain', to an unknown correspondent who has informed him of a new publication `the Manchester Magazine'. Swain gives his strong opinion that `no magazine can answer here without a long list of subscribers. I have known ? in the last 40 years and each has saddled a loss upon its editor and publisher.' He ends up `life is always hard to quick and active minds'. Also included is a copperplate mss poem `The blind boy to his mother', signed `C Swain Oct. 15 1833'
single sheet, folded, 250x200mm, written on 3 sides
Charles Swain, 1801-1874, the `Manchester Poet'
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TAIT, Peter Guthrie

Original autograph letter, signed `P G Tait' to Professor Geikie, dated 3/11/84. `This will be handed to you by my second son: who is an Engineering student, and who will, I hope, take kindly to your interesting subject.'
single sheet, black bordered, 110x175, written on one side
Peter Guthrie Tait, 1831-1901, was Professor of Natural Philosophy at Edinburgh
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Original autograph letter, signed `Edw: Taylor', from Norwich, July 15. 1841. `My dear Hobbs' He expresses pleasure at the reconciliation of 2 friends `The resolution of a discord is one of the most agreeable effects in Music, and not less welcome in the returning Chord of friendship'. Taylor reports on rehersals of his works, `Samson' and `Babylon', and on a planned rest on the Suffolk or Essex coast
single page, 220x185mm, written on 2 pages
Edward Taylor, 1784-1863, was a singer and musicologist
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Original autograph letter, signed `Is Taylor', from Stanford Rivers, April 1/73. To Professor Blaikie, sending pages of an article he had been revising, and asking when he might see proofs
single sheet, 110x180, written both sides
Issac Taylor (1787-1865), writer & artist
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TEGG, Louisa

Autograph letter signed `Louisa Tegg' to a Miss Atwood, from Bristol, Dec. 4th, 1851. A chatty letter about their autograph collections. Tegg seems to specialise in princesses and bishops ... `Bp Bagot now Bp of Bath & Wells who as Bp of Oxford behaved with such discretion and judgement during the excitement caused by "The Tracts".' Tegg also writes about the pain of moving house. Complete with the original envelope
180x150, written on four sides
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TEMPLE Henry, 3rd Lord Palmerston

Original autograph letter, signed `Palmerston', 17 November, 1862, from 94 Piccadilly, to George Faulds. Palmerston accepts the honour of being made Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow
single sheet, black bordered, 235x180, written on 3 sides
Henry Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston (1784-1865), was twice Prime Minister, once as a Conservative and then as a Liberal
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Original autograph letter, signed `John Tenniel' from Maida Hill, July 19. 1886. Tenniel `has much pleasure' in sending his autograph to the Rev. John Walker
225x175, written on one page. The ink is smudged, but the letter is perfectly legible
John Tenniel (1820-1914), is best remembered as the illustrator of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland
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Original autograph letter, signed `W. Cave Thomas', to an unnamed correspondent, Oct. 13/68. The letter concerns instructions for the engraving of 3 pictures
single sheet, folded 225x180mm, written on 3 sides
William Cave Thomas, painter & writer (1820-1906)
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Original autograph letter signed `Geo Thompson' from Manchester, Nov, 25. 1841, to Miss Pease. Thompson asks Miss Pease to `favour me with your copy of my Indian lectures or those portions of the fourth lecture which I pasted in. Lord Clifford has desired me to revise them for the Press that he may print a thousand copies at this own expense. He has written a preface in his own hand. R. D. Webb has by this time the first lecture I propose in hand and the second goes to night.'
single sheet, 220x180, written on 3 sides
George Thompson (1804-1878) was an antislavery orator and human rights activist. He lectured in both the United Kingdon and the United States
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Original autograph letter, signed `William Thomson', to Mr Rennie, from Ayrshire, Sep. 6/85. A letter enclosing a cheque and giving instructions about a rheostat and a lectoamperemeter
single sheet, 110x180mm, written both sides
William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, was a Belfast-born mathematical physicist and engineer. At the University of Glasgow he formulated the first and second laws of thermodynamics
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Original autograph letter, signed `G O Trevelyan'. The letter is to Dr Gourley, from Grosvenor Crescent, appropos a request for parliamentary intervention `I am quite ready to read the substance of the petition: which is, in truth, as much as the House ever allows anyone except Bright to do. As regards a motion, I surely have said as much in behalf of the soldier this year as a member under 30 can say with any profit to himself or his cause'.
single sheet, 225x175
Sir George Otto Trevelyan, Liberal politician and author, was twice Secretary of State for Scotland. He was appointed Parliamentary Secretary of the Admiralty in 1880
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Original autograph letter, signed `W. C. Trevelyan' from Newcastle on Tyne , 3rd April, 73. To an unnamed correspondent, inviting him to visit so he could see Trevelyan's fossil plants, and noting that he has recently given some to the Museum of the Geological Survey, some of which `figured in Lindley and Hutton's Flora'
single sheet, 200x125.
Walter Calverley Trevelyan (1797 to 1879), Scottish naturalist
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Original autograph letter, signed `John Tulloch', dated Oct. 26, 1877, from St Andrews. To a Mr McMaster, the letter concerns the proposed use of St Bernard's (?] church
2 sheets, 205x160mm, written over 6 pages
Principal Tulloch (1823-1886), Scottish theologian. Appointed one of Queen Victoria's Chaplains for Scotland
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TULLOCH, Major-General Sir Alex Murray

Original autograph letter, signed `Alex M Tulloch' from Perthshire, 30th August, 1858, to an unnamed correspondent, An interesting, detailed letter, arguing that a soldier's pension provides only a `bare subsistence', because in the army the soldier has got into habits of idleness and has not been encouraged to do things for himself. Tulloch suggests he should learn `to build his own barracks, manufacture, or, at least, make up his own clothing; make his own bread; and improve the grounds around his barracks, so as, at least, to be able to raise the few vegetables he requires'. Tulloch had argued, vainly, that the soldiers be involved in the construction of their camp at Aldershot
single sheet, 190x230, written both sides
Sir Alex Murray Tulloch, British soldier and statistician
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Original autograph letter, signed `John Tyndall', Nov. 24, 1876, on the blindstamped letterhead of The Royal Institution of Great Britain. `The "Deluge" is a very unprofitable subject of discussion at the present time of day... In arguing against the Deluge you are simply slaying the slain, and thus expending to no profitable purpose your valuable time. Think of those old books as a poem and they are beautiful. Think of them as representing physical facts and they become noxious absurdities.'
single sheet, 230x180
John Tyndall (1820-1893) was a prominent physicist
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Original autograph letter, signed `Charles Tyrwhitt', dated March 27/58, from Horse Guards, to an unknown recipient. `I am desired by the Duke of Cambridge to acknowledge the receipt of your letter containing suggestions with regard to the sanitary conditions of the army ...'
single sheet, 240x190mm, folded, written one side only
The Duke of Cambridge (1819-1904), was a grandson of George III. A serving officer in the British Army for all his career, he was made Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in 1862
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WALTHER, Professor

Original autograph letter, signed `D Walther', from Darmstadt, 24 Nov. 1853. To an unnamed female correspondent. `I have received orders by our most Gracious grand duchess to say you, as well in Her own as in Her Royal fathers name, the best thanks for the copies of your highly interesting translation of Klopstock's poems, you had the attention of sending of sending to both. Both admire your ability in translating a poet, whose works by their particularities in rhythme and versification are even difficult for German. Hoping, that you will finally succeed in publishing your excellent translations of Schillers poems ...'
220x180, written on one side
Walther, of Bonn, had been teacher to the Prince Consort
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Original autograph letter, signed `Wantage', from Berkshire, Dec. 29.90, to John Callcott Horsley. `I hope the Turner will have a good place at the Academy - I wish it to be well seen & as you think this will be facilitated by the removal of the glass I am willing to agree that this should be done'
single sheet, 110x180mm, written both sides
Brigadier-General Robert James Loyd-Lindsay, first Baron Wantage (1820-1893), was a British soldier, politician, and philanthropist, and one of the founders of what was to become the British Red Cross Society
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Original autograph letter, 1891, signed `A. Waterhouse'. The six-line letter is to John Calcott Horsley, `in reply reply to yours of today, the man I spoke of to you is Mr J F Ebner...'
black bordered sheet, 230x180, blank removed
Alfred Waterhouse. R. A, (1830-1905) was an English architect
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WATSON William

Original autograph letter, signed `W Watson', from Lord Advocate's Chambers, Home Office, Whitehall, dated 16th June, 1877. The letter is in reply to Rev. M. McMurtrie's recommendation of the Rev. Alex Stewart for the Chair of Divinity and Church History in Aberdeen. `The number and undoubted ability of the candidates is creditable to the Church of Scotland, but places the Home Secretary & myself in a position of considerable embarrassment.'
single sheet, written on 2 sides, 235x190mm
William Watson, first Baron Watson (1827-1899), Scottish lawyer and Conservative politician. He was Lord Advocate, the most senior law Officer in Scotland until 1880, and afterwards Lord Appeal in Ordinary
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WATT, James & Gregory

Original autograph letter, signed `J. Watt Junr.' from Soho, 9 Nov. 1804. The letter is to James Miller, Watt's widowed brother-in-law. This long, comprehensive, and sensitive letter deals with the aftermath of the death of his half-brother, Gregory Watt. James writes firstly of its emotional impact on his father, James Watt, and his step-mother. Secondly, James alludes to Gregory dying intestate, and tells Miller that his father will invest `the sum of Three Thousand Pounds in trust to you, himself & me, for the use and behoof of your children by my sister, who will each of them receive L1000 when they attain the age of 25 years.' James also expresses his intention `to undertake the direction & to defray the whole or any part of the expense of the education of your son James'. He also asks that for the present James Miller `should make no mention whatever of the purport of this letter'. Together with the signatures of James Watt, senior, and Gregory Watt, on 2 scraps of paper, cut from letters. Also included is a very interesting facsimile of a 4 page letter from a James Watt, dated 1704
2 sheets, 390x200mm, written on 6 pages (last blank removed)
James Watt, Jnr (1769- 1848), engineer & business man, was the son of James Watt, the inventor of the steam engine (1736-1819) and half brother of Gregory (1777-1804). Gregory, a geologist and mineralogist, died of tuberculosis, aged 27
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Original autograph letter, signed `G F Watts' from Limnerslease, Guildford, Dec.6. 1891, to John Calcott Horsley. Watts asks to see papers to do with an unspecified enterprise of Horsley's. `I will what I can for any good purpose, but you must not overrate my influence with the South London people, or any other people, but I imagine your scheme would be its own recommendation if made known....' Watts ends, `I must not grumble being as well as anyone who never had any thing like good health can expect to be who is hard upon 75'. As a p.s. he adds `The portrait you had in the last R. A. encourages me to hope you are working'
single sheet, 225x175, written on 3 pages
George Frederic Watts (1817-1904), was an English painter, best known for his Symbolist paintings `Hope' and `Love and Life'
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Original autograph letter, signed, `Tho Webster' from Cranbrook, Staplehurst, but not dated. To `My dear Horsley'. Webster entrusts a painting `a bantling' to Horsley, and comments on the controversies surrounding the Royal Academy Exhibition that year
single sheet, folded, written on 3 sides, 220x180mm
Thomas Webster (1800-1886), was an English genre painter, best known for his paintings of children and village life. From 1856 he lived at the artists' colony, Cranbrook
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WELLESLEY, Arthur Charles, 4th Duke of Wellington (1849-1934)

Original autograph lettercard, signed `Wellington', Apsley House, Piccadilly, London, 14 Feb 1914. `Mr Tomaka, in complying with your request I submit that you might easily find a more interesting and profitable hobby than collecting autographs. Your truly, Wellington
lettercard, 130x80mm, written on one side
The 4th Duke of Wellington was a British army officer
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Original autograph letter signed `Rich Westmacott May 31. 1830' to Henry Smedley. Westmacott asks for Smedley's support in his application to the Athenaeum. `I cannot flatter myself with any hope of coming in through the electing committee but the kindness of my friends may bring me in on the scratch arrangements - pray let me consider you amongst them'
single sheet,185x115, written on 3 sides
Richard Westmacott RA (1775-1856) was a British sculptor
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Original autograph letter, signed `Edward Whymper', and dated oct. 14/70. The letter is to the botanist, Dr Carruthers. `Many thanks for your corrections which I did not ask to or expect would extend beyond the mosses. The first sheet of the botany was however, inked off with all the errors, as I could not wait'
single sheet, folded, 230x180mm, written on one page
Edward Whymper (1840-1911), English illustrator, mountain climber and explorer. He is best known for the first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865. The book in question is, perhaps, his `Scrambles Amongst the Alpes' (published 1871), as Whymper printed the illustrations himself
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WILLIAMS, General William Fenwick

Original autograph letter, signed ` W F Williams', from `Govt. House Halifax N.S. Jany 18th 1866'. A long letter to Dr Gourley about proposed discussions in Parliament on reform of the British Army. He emphasises the need for the moral improvement of the soldiers. He suggests recreation clubs, regimental canteens, and other measures `whose attractions kept the soldiers from the gin shops and still worse rendezvous'. He calls for `industrial occupation... that antidote to so much punishment and misery' He cites his own career where he `only had four years of home duties' as his authority for saying `the British soldier is the bravest and best natured of men... but this fine young fellow from idleness passes to intemperance: & drunkenness becomes his daily habit: and now behold his altered disposition: intemperance sours his temper, and undermines his sentiments of military honour... and he ends his life on a scaffold for the murder of his officer whom he was sworn to defend'
3 sheets, 255x200mm, written over 11 sides
William Fenwick Williams, 1st Baronet (1800 - 1883), best known for his gallant defense of Kars. Imprisoned by the Russians at Ryazan, he was released at the end of the Crimean War in 1856. He served as Governor of Nova Scotia, his birthplace. Edward Temperley Gourley (1826-1902), ship owner and Liberal M.P for Sunderland from 1868 to 1900. He concerned himself with the treatment of British soldiers and sailors - and was `probably the most persistent questioner in the House of Commons'
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WILLS William G

Original autograph letter, signed `W G Wills' to Rev. John Walker, `Your flattering letter gave me much pleasure and I gladly comply with your request. I have no mss as I do not preserve them when their use is done.' The letter is dated Feb. 12. 1885

William Gorman Wills (1828-1891), Irish dramatist, novelist and painter
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WILTON, Grey de (1749-1814)

Original autograph letter sent from the Royal Barracks, Dublin, July 21st 1800. De Wilton, the Colonel of the Royal Lancs Volunteers serving in Ireland to a Lieutenant Marriott on a recruiting drive back in Lancashire. The letter concerns the enlistments and includes the interesting information that 'the whole of the detachment from the Isle of Wight have refused to embarked for this country'. Signed `Grey de Wilton'
single page, folded (340x220mm)
The first Earl of Wilton (1749-1814) was M P for Lancashire and raised the Regiment known as the Royal Lancashire Volunteers
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Original autograph letter, signed `Thomas Witherow', from Magee College, Londonderry, Oct. 9th, 1878. A letter to the Rev. Dr Blaikie, in which Witherow advises Blaikie to have a projected magazine reviewed monthly in the Irish Presbyterian press. He also discusses writing an article refuting Gladstone's claim that a Presbyterian heroine, Margaret Wilson of Wigton, was never put to death
single sheet, 225x180mm, written on 3 sides
Dr Thomas Witherow (1824-1890) was an Irish divine and historian
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Original autograph letter, signed `J A Wylie' to Dr Blaikie. The letter discusses a proposed article `on the greatest reformer England ever produced' and another article on `the Dutch matter' for which Wylie hopes Blaikie will `afford me space to make the wrong being done my book known.'
single sheet, written on 4 sides, 230x180
Rev. J A Wylie (1808-1890), Presbyterian minister, historian and writer
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WYNN, Sir Walter William

Original autograph note `Sir Walter Wm Wynn presents his compliments to F. Gerrard Esq. and ventures to ask him to consider this case if his votes are still disengaged Feb.16/72'
220x180, blank removed
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