4 vividly revealing autograph letters about Irish social and political arrangements at two crucial periods of the country’s nationalist progress. In 1783 the Duke of Leinster complains to the Viceroy, Lord Temple, about unfair treatment of officers he was promoting, and the Viceroy replies with elegant indifference. In 1788 Viscount Clifden promotes to the same Viceroy a candidate he favours as Landwaiter in Waterford, and also promises venison. The Viceroy is again not to be moved. In 1800 the Colonel of the Royal Lancashire Volunteers gets a report from a recruiting officer, including information about some men’s refusal to serve in Ireland. In 1887 a Scottish physicist, Stewart Balfour, resident in Navan, reports that a pedlar and charwoman, given a cottage by his aunt, has joined the National League and so will have to be evicted. Together with the autographs of Isaac Butt, Edward Carson and Lord Henry Cavendish



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