`Australia. News from Home’. [Together with] `News From Abroad’. Original colour prints from the Baxter Process after the oil paintings by H. S. Melville and Chester Earles

[MELVILLE, Harden Sidney]


Publisher: London, Baxter, 1850s (?)
Description: 110mm x 149mm. Cropped, without the Baxter stamp. `News from Abroad' has Baxter's signature in the print lower left

Nos. 195, 196 in Lewis’s Baxter catalogue. `News from Home’ shows some men in a bark hut, reading the letter from home. Various animals lie about, and a Major Mitchell cockatoo swings on a perch suspended from the ceiling. In the doorway stands an aborigine dressed in a traditional Maori feather cloak. `News from Abroad’ shows the family reading the letter seated under a poster promoting emigration to Australia. One man holds a hundred pound note, presumably sent from successful gold diggers to pay the family’s fare to Australia. See Patricia Tyron MacDonald `Exiles and Emigrants. Epic Journeys to Australia’, page 110, for a discussion of Melville’s `The Squatter’s Hut. News from Home’

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