Complete Collection of 14 volumes. Roland Robinson’s `Language Of The Sand’, Nancy Cato’s `The Darkened Window’, Nancy Keesing’s `Imminent Summer’, Ray Mathew’s `With Cypress Pine’, Roland Robinson’s `Tumult of the Swans’, John Blight’s `The Two Suns Met’, David Rowbotham’s `Ploughman and Poet’, Vivian Smith’s `The Other Meaning’, Ray Mathew’s `Song & Dance’, Tim Thorne’s `Tense Mood and Voice’, Robert Gray’s `Introspect, Retrospect’, Wilhelm Hiener’s `William Street’, and Peter Skrzynecki’s `There Behind the Lids’ and `Head-Waters’


Publisher: Sydney, Lyre-Bird Press. 1949-1972, first editions. All published
Description: 8vos, original boards or wrappers, all very good /fine, with dust jackets where called for. Geoffrey Farmer's collection, with his book labels in most volumes

Finely printed by Edwards & Shaw. With many inserts of relevant letters, clippings, reviews . All are author’s first or second book

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