Indenture of Apprenticeship between Henry (13 years), Harriet Rivett (mother), and John Bateman, February, 1857, and then to John Ridge, February 1858


Publisher: Sydney, Smith & Hinton, Printers & Stationers
Description: folio [38x25cm], bifolium, printed and written on 4 sides

With the usual conditions of work, good behaviour, honesty, etc., printed on the form, and the details of names, dates, term of apprenticeship, wages, filled in by hand. Henry is to be apprenticed to Bateman in the art of a blacksmith; Bateman to provide board & lodging, but Harriet clothes & washing. Signed by Henry & Harriet Rivett (their marks), and John Bateman. Handwritten on the back leaf is notice that the apprenticeship is transferred to John Ridge [1815-1867]. Ridge died in a horse riding accident – the notice of his death appears in the Maitland Mercury

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