Original autograph letter, signed `E C’ & dated May 10th/87. `You may be sure, my dear G S B, that nothing but utter immobility has hindered me from sending a something for your book, but I have been so entirely frustrated by most acute neuralgia that any brain application was forbidden. Ah! what a torture is this accursed neuralgia. I would not wish the serpent that bit me to have it for an hour. This is my sole and good excuse of my negligence in the cause you espouse. You know how willingly I would have sent something if I could. I have not even performed what I promised two months since for a couple of editors – but I cannot help it. I beg you will give my kindest words to `yours’ – from the `ma’ to the `small thing’. Goodbye – I am suffering from the tortures of the condemned so pardon my curt note…’

COOK Eliza


Description: single sheet, folded, 230x180mm

Eliza Cook (1818-1889) was a popular author and poet

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