The Australians. A Historical Library. 11 volumes, including Atlas and Index


Publisher: Sydney, Fairfax, Syme & Weldon, 1987, 1st edition
Description: profusely illus; original boards, leatherette spines. 10 volumes in mint condition, the Atlas has a few unobtrusive marks

Published for the Australian Bicentennial Authority in 1988, to celebrate 200 years of European settlement in Australia. This claims to be the largest publishing venture ever undertaken in Australia, with the foremost historians amd scholars in their fields being commissioned. Comprising `Australians to 1788′ edited by D.J. Mulvaney and Peter White (covers the Aboriginal population before White settlement); `Australians 1838′ ed. by A. Atkinson & M. Aveling; `Australians 1888′ ed. by Graeme Davison, J.W. McCarty, & Ailsa McLeary; `Australians 1938′ ed. by Bill Gammage & Peter Spearritt; `Australians from 1939′ ed. by Ann Curthoys, A.W. Martin & Tom Rowse; `Australians, Events & Places’ ed. by Graeme Alpin, S.G. Foster & Michael McKernan; `Australians: Historical Statistics’ ed. by Wray Vamplew; `Australians: A Historical Dictionary’ ed. by Graeme Alpin, S.G. Foster & Michael McKernan; `Australians: A Guide to Sources’ ed. by D.H. Borchardt; `Australians A Historical Atlas’ ed. by J.C.R. Camm & John McQuilton; and `Australians the Guide and Index’. A further volume `Australians 1988′ edited by Kim Anderson (not offered here), was published in 1989

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