Three typed letters (carbon copies), two on the letterhead of the Australian Olympic Federation. The first, written from Little Collins Street Melbourne, is signed in ink by the Secretary-Treasurer, Edgar S. Tanner. He references arrangements for clothing, victualling and equipment for Australia’s 1948 Olympic team. Tanner encloses a letter from the organising committee for London’s 1948 Olympics concerning food rationing and provision for overseas athletes to bring their own supplementary food. ‘Each individual may bring with him food not exceeding 25 lbs in weight, but the parcel must include 5 different kinds of food, not exceeding 5 lbs each’. The third letter, with the address overstamped 10 O’Connell Sreet Sydney and dated 7th January 1948, is signed in ink by the Chairman, H. G. Alderson, and addressed to the Australian Prime Minister, Right Hon. J. B. Chifley. Chifley was Treasurer as well as Prime Minister, and Alderson’s letter is in fact a begging letter, asking for Government funds towards Australia’s participation in the Games. `In this connection we desire to point out that the estimated cost per head amounts to L400 compared with L200 per head in 1936 when Australia was represented in Berlin. And again only this week we were advised by the British Olympic Committee that housing costs will be greater by L40 per head than we had estimated’


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The games of the XIVth Olympiad were held in London in 1948. Alderson ends his letter to Chifley ‘…our Commonwealth of Australia, which has reached such great heights internationally, has a duty to assist the British people to make the 1948 Olympic Games in London such a success as to make us all feel proud of the British Commonwealth of Nations in the field of amateur sports’

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