Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The World. In four parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, first a Surgeon, and then a Captain of several ships. 2 volumes

SWIFT, Jonathan


Publisher: London, Benjamin Motte, 1726, first edition
Description: portrait, 6 engraved plates, including 5 maps; 8vo, bound in calf antique, morocco labels, edges gilt. Fine clean copies, with wide margins

Teerinck `AA’ edition. Frontis. portrait of Gulliver in second state as is correct, conforming with all of Teerinck’s `AA’ points except that the general titles of both volumes are ‘B’, a noted variant feature of some ‘AA’ copies. Teerink 290. The bibliography of Gulliver is notoriously a quagmire. The Swift bibliographer, Herman Teerink, was a Dutchman whose own collection of Swiftiana was destroyed by Allied bombing in the prelude to the Arnhem disaster of 1944. Gulliver’s Travels, as the work is commonly known, is one of the landmarks of English literature, a supreme satire on politics, science, social customs and human relationships. Yet the conceits of the tiny people of Lilliput and the giants of Brobdingnag have given it great popularity as a story for children and as a subject for illustrators. Collectors of Australiana have a weakness for the work because the longitutude and latitude for the city of Blefuscu, the enemy of Lilliput, situates it in South Australia.

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